Fitting solutions for upper and lower limb prosthetics, a broad range of neuroorthopaedic products, the new C-Brace®, orthotic fitting options for osteoarthritis and back pain and the latest on digitalisation in manufacturing and modern orthopaedic workshops: As the leading provider in the fields of rehabilitation and orthopaedic technology, we provide information on new products as well as modern, interdisciplinary treatment approaches. Here, you can learn about products and topics that may be of special interest to you.

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Solutions for Lower Limb Prosthetics

The proper fitting of all users with high-quality lower limb prostheses is challenging, as the personal requirements and physical conditions of prosthesis wearers are very individual. A wide range of factors affect the fitting, including age, mobility grade, family environment and job situation. For this reason, Ottobock’s portfolio of products is focused on the goal of offering the right individual fitting solutions for each specific requirements found in everyday life. Highly functional mechatronic knee joints such as the Genium X3, C-Leg 4 or Kenevo and feet like Meridium or Empower make it possible for users with a wide range of requirements to be provided with the right and appropriate fitting.

Innovative Upper Limb Solutions

Myoelectric arm prosthesis are today’s standard for fitting amputees. Thanks to cutting-edge technology, they offer a very close approximation of the natural movement of a hand or arm: They permit fast, powerful gripping of fragile as well as heavy objects, and offer various grip patterns – for example, separately moveable fingers make it possible to use a keyboard. Myo Plus pattern recognition represents the future of hand prosthesis control. This technology learns to interpret the user’s individual movement patterns, assigning each to a specific prosthesis movement.

Competence in NeuroOrthopedics

Ottobock is a global market leader in the field of neuroorthopaedics, offering a range of mechanical and mechatronic paralysis orthoses. The C-Brace® is the world’s only stance and swing phase controlled orthosis (SSCO®). The new generation of the orthosis can make walking possible again for people with partial or total paralysis of the knee extensors, for example as a result of polio. Thanks to its unique sensor technology, the orthosis controls walking movements in real time. As a result, the user can walk with a nearly natural gait pattern. This means a shopping trip in the city, a family bike ride and even hiking in the mountains are possible again.

Fitting solutions for degenerative diseases

A growing number of people are experiencing chronic, degenerative complaints in industrialised countries in particular, in part due to demographic trends. Osteoarthritis has now become the most common joint disorder in the world. Back problems currently have tremendous macroeconomic impact due to the increase in the number of persons affected – which is why a greater focus is being placed on the efficiency and effectiveness of treatment than ever before. We invite you to discover our products based on new treatment approaches at our booth at ISPO.

Digital Fabrication

Modern manufacturing technologies have long been part of the orthotics and prosthetics professional’s trade. The potential offered by additive manufacturing – 3D printing that involves building up three-dimensional products layer by layer – is the focus of much discussion. Ottobock is also using digital technologies to design tailor-made product solutions. Using 3D scanning to digitally record patients’ individual body measurements is already standard practice here. An important step towards our technological future is also being taken in orthopaedic technology workshops, where products that work on a digital basis are increasingly coming to play.

One stop – all around the workshop

Ottobock Planning & Equipping, Materials develops and manufactures comprehensive solutions and top-quality machines for orthopedic workshops. We offer machines and fixtures which are designed according to the latest technology, health and safety regulations, and ergonomic considerations. In addition we consider ourselves a problem-solver and advisor in matters related to the practical application of various supplies and high-tech materials for the fabrication of medical technology products. We continuously develop our materials, first and foremost to meet the needs of users and patients, but also increasingly to comply with constantly changing legal requirements. In addition to mechanical and chemical characteristics, the biological compatibility of materials is especially important. Our top priority is for the quality and safety of our materials.