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490E75=1_C - Fauteuils roulants électriques

Juvo B4

Vous cherchez un fauteuil roulant électrique d’entrée de gamme? Grâce à son design compact et à ses nombreuses possibilités de réglage, Juvo B4 relève sans effort les défis du quotidien. La traction arrière est idéale pour naviguer dans des espaces restreints.

Vous cherchez un fauteuil roulant électrique d’entrée de gamme? Grâce à son design compact et à ses nombreuses possibilités de réglage, Juvo B4 relève sans effort les défis du quotidien. La traction arrière est idéale pour naviguer dans des espaces restreints.

Poids max. du patient160 kg
Groupe d'utilisateursAdolescents, Adultes, Seniors
Toutes les spécifications
Aperçu des avantages

Les dimensions compactes de Juvo B4, avec une largeur de 59 cm seulement, permettent de franchir des portes étroites et de manœuvrer dans des passages étroits. Les combinaisons spécifiques de roues directrices et de roues motrices augmentent la garde au sol pour une utilisation en extérieur. Si vous souhaitez utiliser Juvo B4 exclusivement en intérieur, vous pouvez opter pour un modèle avec des roues plus petites.

Robust an secure

The drive unit is made of steel, making it particularly robust and requiring very little maintenance. The integrated anti-tip rollers ensure control and safety on uneven terrain.


The continuously sprung drive wheel suspension compensates for uneven terrain and can be further optimized with an additional front suspension. Different battery sizes provide the range you need for your daily independence.

Contour Package

Through our collaboration with physiotherapists and occupational therapists, we have developed an optimally shaped seat that can be ordered in a variety of sizes and contours. The front of the seat consists of an anatomically shaped seating surface that provides high lateral stability. The cushion, adapting to the shape of the thigh, helps relieve the hip joint. An integrated "ramp" also supports the optimal positioning of the pelvis. Together with the backrest padding, it helps actively stabilize the pelvis.

Standard Seat

Our basic seating solution allows adjusting the seat width via the armrests. The transparent side panels also provide support while sitting and act as a splash guard. The soft armrest pads are adjustable in height and depth. A seat cushion with a robust nylon cover is included in the standard scope. Alternatively, seat cushions like the Terra can also be installed on the solid seat plate. The backrest can be individually adapted to the user using straps. The backrest can be manually adjusted in four stages and optionally operated electrically.

Variably Adjustable Seat

The adjustable VAS (Variable Adjustable Seat), which grows with the user, can be precisely adjusted to your body size by the specialist dealer. It comes standard with an adjustable, padded backrest and a flat seat cushion. The Ergo Joint backrest angle adjustment is nearly free of uncomfortable shear forces. The contoured seat frame has lateral guides and mounts for optional positioning elements such as thigh lateral supports. Optionally available are also height-adjustable and swing-away armrests, as well as a wide range of leg supports.

Expérience utilisateur

Kristina simply tackles everyday challenges.

Consulting for barrier-free construction projects is Kristina's greatest passion. Her goal is to create an inclusive and barrier-free environment where everyone can fully participate in social life. With her enthusiasm and knowledge, she aims to raise awareness of the needs of people with and without mobility restrictions and drive positive change.

Kristina is an inspiration to many who accompany her on her journey. Due to a progressive neuromuscular condition, Kristina uses her Juvo B4 daily to stay mobile. Equipped with her strong will and her Juvo, Kristina simply tackles the challenges of everyday life. She also enjoys traveling to explore new places, meet people, and experience new impressions: "I explore the city at my own pace, on my own terms, in my own time."


Additional Option - Electronic Seat Adjustment

Optimal seat adjustments play a crucial role in providing you with maximum independence and comfort in everyday life. A seat tilt adjustment of up to 45° ensures the best possible pressure redistribution and allows you to change positions at any time. The adjustment of the backrest angle can be essential for optimal body posture and seat balance. Electric seat tilt adjustment, combined with electric backrest angle and knee angle adjustment, promotes blood circulation and provides pressure relief.

Additional Option - Curb Climbing Assist

This option allows you to overcome higher obstacles, such as curbs. The curb climbing assist is mounted at the front of the electric wheelchair and is available at all times during the journey.

Additional Option - LED Lightning with Magnetic Mounting

The magnetic mounting minimizes the risk of detachment or breakage of the LED lighting. In the event of a collision, the lighting simply detaches and can then be reattached to the magnetic mount.

Control option - Ten°

The Ottobock TEN° Control is specially designed for ergonomics and offers three key advantages.

The soft handrest protects against premature fatigue.

The innovative rotary control with a turning angle of 10° allows easy speed regulation.

The high-resolution 3.5-inch color display provides a clear overview of your user interface.

Lastly, you can choose the color of the aluminum housing.

Control Option - VR2

The proven VR2 control is our base control system that can be customized to your personal needs. The control panel is divided into a keypad, two LED displays, and a joystick. A charging port is located at the bottom.

Depending on the power supply, two different control variants can be used on the Juvo B4. Your dealer or rehabilitation specialist will be happy to provide detailed information about the advantages of these versions.


Informations produit

Poids max. du patient160 kg
Groupe d'utilisateursAdolescents, Adultes, Seniors
CouleurBlanc, Noir, Orange, Vert, Bleu
Charge max.160 kg kg
Domaine d’utilisationMobility
Famille de produitsFauteuils roulants électriques

Fichier produit

Référence de l’article490E75=1_C
TypeRear-wheel drive
Charge max.160 kg kg
Inclinaison max. admissible7° (12%) nach ISO 7176-2
Vitesse maximale10 km/h
Largeur585 / 595 mm
Hauteur totale980 - 1080 mm ( Standardsitz) / 850 - 1110 mm (VAS)
Largeur totale585 / 595 mm
Longueur totale980 - 1080 mm ( Standardsitz) / 850 - 1110 mm (VAS)
Largeur d’assise340 - 560 mm
Hauteur d’assise380 – 500 mm
Profondeur de l’assise340 - 580 mm
Inclinaison de l’assise -3° / 0° / 3° / 6°/ 9° (Standardsitz) / 0° / 3° / 6° (VAS)
Inclinaison du dossier-9° bis 30°(manuell) ; 0° bis 30° (elektrisch)
Bascule d’assise20°/45° (power)
Hauteur des accoudoirs200–400 mm (standard seat) / 200–360 mm (VAS seat)
Longueur du segment jambier150 - 470 mm
CommandeVR2 (70 A / 90 A), R-net (90 A)
Capacité de la batterie56Ah (C5) / 60,4 Ah (C20) AGM | 62 Ah (C5) / 79,6 Ah (C20) GEL | 63Ah (C5) / 74 Ah (C20) GEL
Temps de charge max.max. 12
Autonomie max. (selon ISO 7176-4)Approx. 35 km with 56 Ah (C5) AGM batteries/approx. 45 km with 62 Ah (C5) gel batteries/ 63 Ah (C5) gel batteries
Capacité de franchissement50 mm
Rayon de braquage800 mm
Type de batterieAGM or GEL
Courant de sortie2 x 12V
ÉclairageLED headlight with direction indicator, category B, according to German Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (StVZO) LED footpath lighting with activation sensor, category B
Tension de service24V
Chargeur5A, 8A, 10A, 12A
Fusible80 A (VR2); 100 A (R-Net)
Poids à vide≥ 93,5 kg
Poids total290 kg
Taille des pneus12.5"; 14" (drive wheel) / 8"; 9"; 10" (caster wheel)
Classe de protection IP (d’après EN 60529)IP44
Force d’actionnement1.6 N (joystick on control panel)
Distance de freinage (d’après EN 12184:2014)6 km/h: 1,000 mm; for 7.2 km/h: 1,200 mm; for 10 km/h: 2,100 mm mm
Puissance du moteur300 Watt / 350 Watt
Longueur d’accoudoir280 mm
Hauteur du dossier370 / 420 / 470 mm Standardsitz (Junior); 450 / 500 / 550 mm (Standardsitz Klein, Groß, XL); 450 / 510 / 530 / 550 mm (VAS)
Garde au sol57 / 75 / 95 mm
Type de pneusLuft, pannengeschützt / PU, pannensicher
Protection anti-corrosionCathodic dip coating / powder coating
Sangles de fixationBeckengurt mit Gurtschloss
Température de service-15 °C to +40 °C
Température de stockage-15 °C bis +40 °C
Température de transport-15 °C to +40 °C
Réglage de l’inclinaison du dossiermanuell oder elektrisch