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Experience the new Genium X4 Microprocessor Knee.

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Benefits at a glance

Live life in effortless motion.

With the Genium X4, every moment flows seamlessly into the next — from favorite everyday activities to life's biggest achievements. Keep reading to learn what its groundbreaking design, unrivaled durability, and pioneering technology can do for you.

Genium X4 user Björn walking up a hill covered in snow

Empower your body

Thanks to its extraordinary microprocessor knee (MPK) technology, the Genium X4 delivers unparalleled performance for life's ups, downs, and everything in between.

From effortlessly starting to walk, to flowing up slopes, to stepping backward with ease, you're in full control of every movement. And it's all tailored to your unique gait, daily activities, and personal preferences.

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Success stories

See why the Genium X4 has users raving.

Björn is in his element

Whether he's working as a consultant or setting out on a rugged hiking adventure, Björn's Genium X4 provides the real-time control he needs to reach his goals.

Watch him glide effortlessly over any surface or grade, including stones, grass, snow, and sand — even on steep slopes and inclines.


What users often want to know about the Genium X4.