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Varos: An innovative modular socket system.

The Varos socket system is a reliable interim and definitive fitting for transfemoral amputees. It especially addresses patients who have limb volume fluctuations e.g. due to differences in temperature, which easily result in a socket discomfort.
Therefore, the Varos socket enables patient to adapt the socket circumference according to their current residual limb’s shape and condition


Flexible, customized and lightweight

Varos is designed to benefit transfemoral amputees starting in the rehabilitation phase as well as later during treatment with the final prosthesis.

What it is, what it does, for which indication

The Varos is a socket solution that benefits transfemoral amputees starting in the rehabilitation phase as well as later during treatment with the final prosthesis.
The socket circumference can be easily adjusted at any time using two adjustment wheels. This is important because the circumference of the residual limb changes, for example due to differences in temperature and also how long it is worn during the day. Various activities are also easier to manage if the socket issomewhat snugger or looser.

Testimonial story

Experience Varos via our Ambassador

For László, an owner of a building company, it was essential to return to his normal life quickly after the motorcycle accident when he lost his leg. He faces new challenges at work every day. He says, “I walk a lot and have to manage many different obstacles at building sites.” László was lucky and was fitted with a prosthesis that gave him a great deal of safety and independence right from the start.

My technician found a solution for me that allowed me to quickly return to my normal life.

Clinical content

“Evaluation of the new, patient-adjustable socket system Varos in the early phase of prosthetic rehabilitation: a pilot study”

by Arastoo Nia, Gerhard Toetschinger, Tomas Kubinec, Stephan Domayer

Further information: Pubmed


All Patients underwent a standard rehabilitation program with physical therapy. The outcome measures included the Comprehensive Lower-limb Amputee Socket Survey (CLASS), Score Comfort Scale (SCS), a Socket Fit Scale, frequency of falls and stumbles, perceived pain and satisfaction.


The total CLASS score and three sub-scores (i.e. stability, suspension, comfort) were significantly higher with Varos socket. Significantly improved comfort and quality of socket fit were observed as measured by the Socket-Comfort-Scale and Socket-Fit-Scale and a trend towards reduced residual limb pain. 87.5% of the patients reported higher satisfaction than with the standard socket.


The results suggest that the Varos socket improved comfort, stability, suspension, appearance, pain and satisfaction in transfemoral amputees during the early rehabilitation program. A larger study and a longer observation period are warranted to confirm the results of this study.

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FAQ Varos

For what mobility grade and what body weight is the Varos socket suited?

The Varos socket - size S and M - can be used by prosthesis wearers with a body weight of up to 100 kg. The maximum body weight for size L is 125 kg. Its use does not depend on the mobility grade.

In what sizes is the Varos socket available?

The Varos socket is available in size S, M and L.
All sizes cover prosthesis wearers with a residual limb length of 200 mm to 320 mm. Size M is suitable for a proximal residual limb circumference of 460 mm to 580 mm (size S 420 - 510 mm, size L 520 - 650 mm) and a distal residual limb circumference of 350 mm to 440 mm (size S 320 - 390 mm, size L 400 - 490 mm).

In what treatment phase can the Varos socket be used?

The Varos socket can be used starting very early in the treatment process, in the rehabilitation phase. It is particularly well suited as a definitive solution for middle-aged and older prosthesis wearers.

What makes the Varos liner so special?

The 6Y200 Varos liner was developed especially for the Varos socket and features an excellent hold in the socket. Its textile cover adheres extremely well to the fabric adhesive strips on the inner wall of the socket. If necessary, the fabric adhesive strips can be replaced by stronger plastic adhesive strips. Plus, the liner has a magnetic connector to the socket at the distal end to provide an even better hold. The liner offers a high level of comfort.

Who can be fitted with a Varos socket?

The Varos socket is suitable for the treatment of transfemoral amputees, regardless of the mobility grade. It is suitable for patients with unilateral and bilateral amputations. The shape of the residual limb should be conical or cylindrical, without any skin changes or pronounced scarring with invagination. Furthermore, the prosthesis wearer should not have paraesthesia and must have adequate dexterity to operate the handwheels of the BOA Fit System.

How much does the Varos socket weigh?

The Varos socket weighs 1,320 g before being shortened.

How much time can I save with the Varos socket?

It varies. We know for certain that a prosthesis with the Varos considerably reduces both the number of visits required for prosthetic fitting and their duration. Fittings with conventional sockets generally require up to six appointments, while fittings with the Varos socket require only two or so. The total fitting time required for conventional sockets is about 32 hours, while fittings with the Varos only take about three hours.

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