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Dynion: A new generation mechanical hydraulic knee.

Dynion is a waterproof hydraulic knee joint that helps active user to keep their balance in all everyday situations –with low cognitive effort: stable standing, reliable walking on uneven terrain, slopes & stairs.


Ottobock is the #1 mechanical knee joint provider

With the launch of Dynion, our mechanical prosthetic knee joint portfolio expands to deliver a solution which fits into the every day lives of active people with above knee amputation.

What is it, what does it do, and when?

Dynion helps people with above knee amputation(s) keep their balance throughout their day with low cognitive effort: resulting in stable standing and reliable walking on uneven terrain, slopes, and stairs.

Prosthetic knee user, Derick, walks around a park with a friend
Prosthetic knee user, Derick, walks around a park with a friend
Testimonial stories

Experience Dynion via our Ambassadors

Johana, Marie, and Derick are totally different personalities with varying jobs, hobbies and challenges. But they have one thing in common: they navigate varied environments and place a high value on individuality, self-determination, independence, and an active participation in social life.

My family loves my new confidence navigating chaotic Mumbai!

Derick-ova priča

I believe that limits only exist in your head!

Johana's story

I have a lot of priorities: my prosthesis needs to keep pace with my various lifestyles!

Marie's story

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