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Discover the new C-Leg 4 Microprocessor Knee.

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C-Leg: Trusted for good reason.

C-Leg: Trusted for good reason.

With over 100,000 fittings to date, the C-Leg is trusted by more users than any other microprocessor knee in the world. Studies show the C-Leg provides the exceptional reliability and performance users need to focus on what really matters — enjoying a healthy, active lifestyle.

From descending stairs and ramps, to navigating uneven terrain, to walking backward, the C-Leg dynamically adapts to a wide variety of everyday situations.

Proven performance

It’s the world’s most studied prosthetic device. Full stop.

Up to 90%

of C-Leg users prefer it to their previous mechanical prosthesis*

25 years

of continuous microprocessor knee development and user input have led to the new C-Leg 4.


fittings have helped more users regain their mobility than any other microprocessor knee.

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See some of the new features of the updated C-Leg 4 microprocessor knee in detail.

For a limited time from 1st of June to the end of June, 2024, we’re offering free trial sessions at our Thailand clinics (Bangkok, Khonkaen, and Surathani).

Experience the advanced technology of the C-Leg 4 with no commitment.

During your trial session, you’ll:

  • Receive a free fitting of the C-Leg 4 to fit with your current prosthesis socket.

  • Trial using the C-Leg 4 in various activities, terrains and scenarios with the C-Leg 4 (provided you are physically able).

    • Ascending and Descending Stairs

    • Walking on Uneven Ground

    • Ramp Navigation up and down

    • Walking Backwards:

    • Step over objects.

*All these activities are guided by our professional staff from Ottobock, ensuring a safe and enriching experience.

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An Ottobock MPK user works with her prosthetist to calibrate her microprocessor knee.
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  3. During your zero-commitment demo, your prosthetist will determine if C-Leg meets your needs.

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*Kannenberg, A., Zacharias, B., & Pröbsting, E. (2014). Benefits of microprocessorcontrolled prosthetic knees to limited community ambulators: systematic review. Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development. 51(10), 1469-96.

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