Ready for everyday life.

Taleo prosthetic feet

The Taleo carbon feet feature a smooth rollover for effortless, energy-efficient walking and optimal adaptation to varying terrain conditions. With the Taleo, you can manage your life on your own terms.

Reclaim all you want to be.

Genium X3 knee joint

A leg prosthesis that comes even closer to the natural model – that’s the Genium X3. The joint’s intelligent functionality can open up new horizons in your daily life – from work, to your spare time, to under water.

Sealed. Done.

Skeo Sealing liner

The Skeo Sealing provides a secure hold with a high level of comfort – and it’s reliable and easy to use. The durable sealing ring provides a reliable seal for the vacuum system, so you can live your life with confidence.

The most lifelike.

bebionic hand

The bebionic is a multi-articulating myoelectric prosthetic hand that is available in sizes small (S) and medium (M). Fourteen selectable grips and hand positions let you perform a vast number of everyday activities with ease.


The challenges brought about by limb loss are not just about your ability to walk. The effects are far-reaching, from changing how you manage your workplace, how you think about travel, even your hobbies and how you choose to exercise. For nearly a century Ottobock has created products driven by our commitment to support individual choices, helping you stay active and engaged in life.


Lower-Limb Product Systems

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Upper-limb Product Systems

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Information For New Amputees

Learning more about what to expect can help empower you. Although everyone's experience is different, some basic information can provide a good foundation.


Prosthetic Technology Explained

Today’s prosthetics have a wide range of functions and benefits that can help you achieve your desired activity level and lifestyle

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