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We help people maintain or regain their freedom of movement.

Regardless of whether your quality of life is limited by an amputation, injury or disease – our focus is always on the people we support.

Living with an amputation

What happens before and after an amputation? What is the rehabilitation process, and what does everyday life with a prosthesis look like? Find out everything you need to know about treatment with a prosthesis here.

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Leg amputation

Information about leg amputations with reasons for amputating, rehabilitation, the alignment of a leg prosthesis, everyday life with a prosthesis and much more.

Mit mehr als 280 Versorgungszentren sind wir auf der ganzen Welt nah am Menschen.

Arm amputation

An amputation poses new, individual challenges in your life. The rehabilitation process takes several months on average.

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Diagnoses and symptoms

Underlying conditions just are as varied as the symptoms they cause – from ligament, joint and bone injuries to the treatment of complete or partial leg paralysis.


Knee conditions

If you are affected by knee pain, everyday life can feel very challenging. There are various different root causes for knee pain.


Osteoarthritis of the knee

Arthrosis is the most common joint disorder in the world. Read on for detailed information on causes, symptoms and treatment options for joint wear.


Cruciate ligament tear

A cruciate ligament tear is a very common sports injury. Read on to find out more about the causes of cruciate ligament tears and how they can be treated.


Anterior knee pain

Anterior knee pain primarily occurs in young, active women. Correct treatment can significantly reduce the accompanying pain.

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Active living and sports

Exercising and engaging in sports benefits our bodies and our minds. When people become active for the first time – or regain their mobility – their faces speak volumes. Individual circumstances can differ widely. So can the motives.

Amputee athletes do stretches on yoga mats in an outdoor football field
Active every day

Getting started in sports with a disability

First steps are often the hardest. It’s wise not to overdo things and give your body plenty of time to adjust.

A child with a sports prosthesis plays football in a garden
Active every day

Sports for children with disabilities

Sports can play a vital role in promoting children’s physical and mental development. The fun and joy of movement they experience when playing sports lasts a lifetime.

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