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Activity Levels

Manufacturers categorise prosthetic feet by the user’s activity level – also called mobility grade. This means that not every prosthetic foot can be used by every user. Selecting a prosthesis that matches your activity level will maximise your mobility and your quality of life. Here are some very basic indications for identifying your activity level. If you are on the border between two activity levels, your Prosthetist will consider multiple products to assess the one that is best for you.

Activity Level 1

The amputee has the ability or the potential to use the prosthesis for transfers or for the purpose of moving slowly on level floors. The amount of time and the distance the amputee can walk are seriously limited due to his or her condition.

Therapy goal:

Restoring the ability to stand and to walk indoors to a limited degree.


Body Weight

Prosthetic feet are designed for a specific weight range. To ensure that a prosthetic foot performs well for you, your Prosthetist will choose one suited to your weight class.


Build Height

Prosthetic feet vary in height. We call the height of a prosthetic foot build height. Your height and the length of your residual limb as a below knee amputee will determine the space you have for a prosthetic foot and what is the appropriate build height for the prosthetic foot. As an above knee amputee, the length of the prosthetic knee joint will be an additional factor to consider for the build height of the prosthetic foot.


Foot Size

Like human feet, prosthetic feet differ in length/size. Prosthetic feet are sized by cm rather than standard shoe sizes. Every foot is available in a specific range of sizes. There are prosthetic feet that come in sizes for children while others are even sized for large adults. Ottobock running blades and speciality sports feet often have a a single size.


Personal Factors

Apart from all the technical selection criteria, your Prosthetist will keep in mind your personal needs, living situation and goals when choosing a prosthetic foot for you. These factors might be the desire to participate in sports activities or the ability to paint your toenails. These are of great importance because your prosthetic foot should feel like an extension of yourself.


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