Liners in the Uneo Range

Soft, yielding material protects sensitive residual limbs

Choosing the right liner influences the wearer comfort provided by a prosthesis. It’s important that the liner conforms to personal requirements – such as the characteristics of the residual limb – as closely as possible.

Amputees with sensitive, bony or scarred residual limbs need a liner made from a material which has excellent flow characteristics. All of the liners in the Uneo product range are made from polyurethane which is unique to Ottobock and has these perfect features. This soft, yielding material flows around the residual limb and throughout the entire socket allowing pressure to evenly distribute, providing patients with the most comfortable fit.

If you are interested in a liner in the Uneo product range, you can choose one that meets your needs even more precisely from among the various models and their different characteristics.

Uneo Pure – the transparent liner

You can visually check what the residual limb looks like, for example to detect signs of skin irritation.

Uneo Skinguard – with antibacterial additive

The antibacterial additive slows the propagation of bacteria in the prosthetic socket. Odour formation is reduced and hygiene improved.

Uneo Flex – the pre-flexed liner

Natural knee flexion is integrated into the shape of the liner. The knee can be flexed more easily and fewer wrinkles form in the hollow of the knee.

Uneo 3D – the anatomical liner

More material in sensitive areas provides extra padding, while less material in other areas makes knee flexion easier.

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