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How can I stay motivated?

Amateur athletes and Paralympic stars share advice on how to stay motivated and avoid getting stuck in a rut in your workout routine.


Sooner or later, every athlete has days where training is more of a burden than a delight. But those who persevere and continue training anyway will find they regain their original level of motivation much faster. The question is – how?! In the following video clips, amateurs and professionals reveal some of their personal tricks for persevering and training regularly, even when they least feel like it.

Consejos para la motivación de nuestros deportistas

Heinrich Popow

¿Cómo se motiva el dos veces medallista de oro paralímpico Heinrich Popow incluso después de dejar el deporte de élite?

Martina Caironi

Una de las mejores deportistas paralímpicas del mundo, Martina Caironi, comparte sus consejos para la motivación.

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