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Dynion est destiné aux personnes actives qui ont besoin d’un partenaire fiable pour les accompagner dans des environnements variés.


Dynion: A new generation mechanical hydraulic knee.

Dynion, our first mechanical knee with default stance control, is designed for active individuals who live their lives on their own terms; tackling every day without compromise.

The Dynion mechanical knee consistently supports users throughout a wide range of daily activities, providing stability when additional balance is required such as uneven terrain, slopes, and stairs.

Waterproof (fresh, salt, and chlorinated) and designed with a powerful, rotary hydraulic, the Dynion also features a manual lock and a free swing bicycle mode.


Ottobock as the #1 mechanical knee joint provider

We design products to provide users with a variety of choices that fit their lifestyle without compromise.

With the launch of Dynion, our mechanical prosthetic knee joint portfolio expands to deliver a solution for active users with above knee unilateral or bilateral (both sides) limb loss.

Weight Limit: 220lbs.

How it works

Dynion is a hydraulic mechanical knee joint which:

  • provides dynamic, dependable control throughout the gait cycle thanks to a powerful rotary hydraulic and effortless standing with activated manual lock

  • supports when going down stairs, ramps and declines provided by consistent flexion resistance

  • allows more freedom in daily life with a waterproof solution

  • enables an easy participation in bicycling with family and friends thanks to a Bicycle Mode


Experience Dynion via our Ambassadors

Johana, Marie, and Derick are totally different personalities with varying jobs, hobbies, and challenges. But they have one thing in common: they navigate varied environments and place a high value on individuality, self-determination, independence, and an active participation in social life.

My family loves my new confidence navigating chaotic Mumbai!

Derick's story

I believe that limits only exist in your head!

Johana's story

I have a lot of priorities: my prosthesis needs to keep pace with my various lifestyles!

Marie's story

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Is the Dynion knee joint right for me?

Is the Dynion knee joint right for me?

The Dynion prosthetic knee joint was developed for active users (mobility grades 3–4) who want to engage in a variety of activities and place high value on reliability. It is suitable for users weighing up to 100 kg (220 lbs). This dynamic prosthetic knee joint can benefit users with a transfemoral amputation, knee and hip disarticulation, or bilateral amputation.

Is the Dynion knee joint suitable for sports?

Is the Dynion knee joint suitable for sports?

The Dynion prosthetic knee joint is always there for you – from sitting at a desk for long periods of time to riding a bike or taking a walk over uneven terrain. It allows you to actively take part in life with your family and friends.

Is the Dynion knee joint waterproof?

Is the Dynion knee joint waterproof?

Yes, the Dynion knee joint is waterproof and can be worn in salt, fresh or chlorinated water. The knee joint is equipped with water-resistant materials. To maintain the knee joint’s functionality, it is essential to clean it as instructed after using it in water.