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Ottobock Kids

Kinderhilfsmittel erfordern ein hohes Maß an Beratung sowie maßgeschneiderten Lösungen. Passende Hilfsmittel geben ein Stück Freiheit sowie Selbstständigkeit zurück.

Children's rehab

Ottobock Kids

Since 1919, Ottobock has been committed to helping people around the globe to achieve more mobility and thus more independency. Unfortunately, providing the best possible assistive devices to children and young people with disabilities has not yet become standard practice in our society. One reason for this is the complexity of the supply of aids.

To get the best possible therapeutic outcome, it is important that all persons involved in the supply chain collaborate closely from the very beginning. The provision of assistive devices starts with product development and, in further steps, includes both medical and therapeutic professionals as well as nurses and technicians. Supporting institutions such as daycare centers and schools, parents and, of course, cost bearers also play a vital role in the provision of aids.

Since children are constantly developing and, above all, still growing, children's aids should also be adjustable to grow with them, be individually adaptable and versatile. This is the only way they can fulfill their purpose and return some freedom and independence to the little heroines and heroes and their families. Ottobock supports families and users in the areas of medical care, therapy and leisure activities as well as with our large network of specialists and affected families.

Every beginning is difficult

At first, all affected families face the challenge of understanding and accepting that their child is physically impaired and that they have to overcome more and also different obstacles in everyday life than families with healthy children. In this phase, parents and relatives are often very preoccupied with themselves and quite vulnerable. They struggle with their own prejudices, doubts and fears and must first come to terms with the situation. In addition, they are confronted with numerous new challenges and contact persons: doctor's visits, hospital stays, therapists, health insurance and much more. It is not rare for adults to be overwhelmed by the challenges posed by the disability of their own child. Chin up! With the support of numerous experts, you can find your way back to everyday life even in these sometimes difficult times.

Ottobock children's electric wheelchair

The right diagnosis

The path to the right diagnosis is sometimes long and not always easy. Some disorders are difficult to diagnose because, unlike Down syndrome, for example, the impairment may not be apparent until birth. The fact that their own child will be dependent on help and perhaps mobility aids for the rest of his or her life is a big challenge for many families.

Below various diseases are listed that may lead to a disability in children. This will give you an overview of the different disease characteristics as well as of the causes and the orthopedic solutions that can be found for your child.


Forms of therapy: What are the options?

Scientific studies have shown that the chances of optimal development increase significantly when children with disabilities are supported as early as possible, ideally during infancy, through targeted therapeutic methods. Here you can find a selection of known forms of therapy.

Sport & Bewegung

Das beste Mittel: Sport!

Sport für Kinder mit Behinderung

Sich bewegen und spielen – Kinder mit Behinderung oder einer chronischen Erkrankung lernen und entdecken die Welt wie jedes andere Kind auch. Umso wichtiger ist es, dass Kinder mit Behinderung am regulären Sportunterricht sowie an schulsportlichen Wettkämpfen und Sportfesten teilnehmen. Häufig jedoch bestimmen Förderung und Therapie den Alltag eines behinderten oder chronisch kranken Kindes. Spielerische Entdeckungen kommen dann oft zu kurz. Doch jedes Kind möchte seiner Neugier nachgehen und auf seine Weise die Welt entdecken können. Ist dies nicht möglich, sollten Eltern aktiv werden und über den Sportverband und den Schulträger auf die Relevanz eines inklusiven Schulprogramms hinweisen.

Child with Ottobock prosthesis in physical education

Running Clinics

In Zusammenarbeit mit Heinrich Popow, dem Goldmedaillengewinner bei den Paralympics in London 2012 und in Rio 2016, kommen amputierte Laufeinsteiger und -fortgeschrittene zusammen. Unter fachkundiger Anleitung können sie ausprobieren, üben und trainieren. Und dabeisteht nicht nur die sportliche Leistung im Fokus. An allererster Stelle geht es um die Menschen und den Austausch.

Ottobock Running Clinics
Mobility aids for kids

Ottobock children's assistive devices are supporting, promoting and motivating

Child with leg prosthesis from Ottobock


Die Prothesenversorgung von Kindern ist für die Medizintechnik immer wieder eine große Herausforderung, denn bei Kindern bestehen besondere Ansprüche an Faktoren wie Funktionalität, Flexibilität und Mobilität. Wichtig ist es daher, ein System zu bieten, das den individuellen Bedürfnissen unterschiedlicher Altersgruppen gerecht wird. Dieses soll die Kinder gleichzeitig zielgerichtet auf eine spätere Versorgung mit dem Erwachsenensystem vorbereiten.

User Stories

Our little heroines and heroes

Harrison with Ottobock MyCRO Band helmet


Harrison is 11 months old. Due to his breech position in utero, the back and the side of his head are somewhat flattened. To correct the shape of his head, Harrison was provided with the MyCRO Band.


Frequently asked questions

Parents of children with disabilities often face the challenge of finding helpful answers to their questions. Frequently, they also have the need to exchange information with other affected families. Here you can find a selection of questions and information on support options.


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