Josten's O&P professional checks his prosthetic fitting.
Josten's O&P professional checks his prosthetic fitting.

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The new TT selection tool
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Fitts. TT solutions by Ottobock

Are you looking for suitable components for a transtibial fitting? Using its innovative TT solutions, Ottobock has created a range of high quality products that not only coordinate perfectly with each other, but can also be adapted to the individual needs of different users. You can now use our intuitive TT selection tool to find the appropriate solution quickly and easily.

The tool shows you possible component combinations for needs-based transtibial fitting solutions that offer more freedom for the users who wear them.

Fitts. Because everything is coordinated

Find the recommended TT solution in just a few clicks – our user-friendly, digital TT selection tool will help you select components by showing you different proven combinations. You make the final decision about which individual components to select.

Made for expertts. Made for you.

New TT selection tool

The new TT selection tool

  1. Select the applicable user group
  2. Definition of the type of amputation and the patient's clinical condition
  3. Recommendations for possible component combinations
User groups

Fitts. Individually tailored solutions for TT users

Every user is unique, and each one has unique needs. Their different tastes and preferences, physical condition, mobility grades and hobbies will all influence the choice of prosthesis components. In order to lead a full, active life in which they can pursue their own dreams, patients need to feel completely happy and safe with their fitting.

When people can't manage alone

... the foremost challenge lies in helping them preserve their dignity and gain control of their lives. One aspect here is being mobile enough to perform basic movement patterns or transfers. Our components are designed to meet these needs and facilitate handling and care.

A woman helps a man in a wheelchair to position his foot.
A woman helps a man in a wheelchair to position his foot.