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Varos Prosthetic Socket
Varos Prosthetic Socket
Varos Prosthetic Socket
Socket Technology

Varos: Right from the start


An innovative modular socket system.

The Varos socket system is an ideal initial prosthetic socket for transfemoral (above knee) amputees designed for the early rehab phase as it can be used immediately after amputation. After an amputation, many patients experience limb volume fluctuations which can create discomfort. Traditional, rigid sockets cannot accommodate these changes which can result in residual limb pain and less time wearing your prosthetic leg. The Varos socket enables patients to adjust the socket's circumference themselves when needed to their current residual limb's shape and condition.


Varos: Benefits at a glance

Varos Prosthetic Socket


Many patients experience limb volume fluctuations, which create socket discomfort, and when the volume of your stump is fluctuating, small changes can make a big difference. You can adapt the Varos socket yourself to initial limb volume shrinkage as well as general limb volume variations.

How it Works

How do the Varos socket & liner work?

The Varos is a socket for transfemoral (above-knee) amputees that can be easily customised to you by your prosthetist and adapted by yourself using the BOA adjustments, to accommodate your residual limb’s changing shape and condition throughout the day, making it ideal to use right from the start.

The flexible socket is prefabricated and can be assembled quickly complete with custom adaptation specific to you, this significantly reduces the complexity of your initial fitting not only for your prosthetist but you as the user too. The Varos socket is combined with a specific liner that evenly distributes pressure on the residual limb. As a result, the combination of the Varos socket and Varos liner offers users a highly flexible, comfortable, and adjustable socket.

Varos Prosthetic Socket

Benefits for users

  • Self adjustable socket for limb volume fluctuations and different activities (BOA Fit System)

  • High wearer comfort due to flexible material

  • Secure hold in the socket (magnetic liner connection with specific Varos liner)

  • Low product weight thanks to lightweight construction

  • Easy donning and doffing even when seated

SCS22018 OTTOBOCK Lifestyle Kenevo Vienna-0271
SCS22018 OTTOBOCK Lifestyle Kenevo Vienna-0271
User Experience

"My prosthetist found a solution for me that allowed me to quickly return to my normal life."

For László, an owner of a building company, it was essential to return to his normal life quickly after a motorcycle accident led to him losing his leg. He faces new challenges at work every day. He says, “I walk a lot and have to manage many different obstacles at building sites.” László was lucky and was fitted with a prosthesis that gave him a great deal of safety and independence right from the start.



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