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Microprocessor Knees

IP Rating Explained


What is an IP rating?

Life can get a little wet sometimes so it is important to know how protected your prosthesis is from exposure to the elements.

What is weatherproof? What is waterproof?

For microprocessor knees, such as the C-Leg 4, Kenevo, Genium and Genium X3, it all comes down to what is called the IP Rating – and you should know the difference!

IP (or Ingress Protection) ratings are used to define to what degree a device is protected against intrusions, contact, corrosion, dust, moisture and water. The IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) developed IP ratings to help users better understand their devices resilience against liquid and dust beyond vague descriptors such as "waterproof" "water-resistant" and "weather-proof".

What do the numbers in an IP rating mean?

The numbers that follow IP each have a specific meaning. The first digit indicates the protection against solid objects like dust and sand and is rated on a scale from 0 (no protection) to 6 (no ingress of dust). The second number rates the devices protection against liquids and uses a scale from 0 (no protection) to 9 (high-pressure water from different angles).

Genium X3

Genium X3 - IP 68

The Genium X3 has the highest level of protection of any microprocessor knee on the market. The IP68 rating means it is designed to withstand impact from dust, dirt and sand and is also corrosion resistant. The knee joint is waterproof meaning it can be fully submerged in fresh, salt and chlorinated water up to three meters for 60 minutes allowing you to swim in the ocean, work in humid or wet environments and is perfect for sports such as wakeboarding or skiing.

C-Leg & Genium

C-Leg 4 & Genium - IP67.

The C-Leg 4 and Genium both have the IP67 rating, this means they are protected from dust, sand and dirt as well as incidental contact (like splashes), however, they are not corrosion resistant. The rating means everyday activities such as washing the car or watering the garden don't need to be a concern.

Royal stands outside wearing her C-Leg 4 Microprocessor Knee

Kenevo - IP22.

The Kenevo is protected from dripping water and solid objects greater than 12.5 mm in size. It is however protected against dust or waterproof and corrosion-resistant. This MPK is best used in clean and dry environments.

義足コンピューター制御膝継手Kenevoケネボ 安定立位


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What is IP Rating?

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