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Occupational health and safety

We attach great importance to the health and safety of our customers. This is why we also believe that safety in orthopaedic workshops is crucial. O&P professionals are exposed to many different types of risks in the course of their daily work. Ottobock offers a variety of solutions to minimise such risks. In future, we’ll be placing an even stronger focus on occupational health and safety.


We continuously review the environmental impact of materials. In addition, we take a systematic approach to identifying alternatives that use fewer resources and are more environmentally friendly. Thanks to the launch of our GreenLine range, we’re now able to offer customers a new generation of materials that combines occupational safety with functionality to best effect.

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GreenLine materials

We developed our GreenLine range to help our customers maximise safety in the workplace. GreenLine materials are more planet-friendly than conventional products and less damaging to the health of the O&P professionals who process them.

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Innovative Materials for Workshops

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