Safe and comfortable

Kimba buggy

The Ottobock Kimba rehab buggy is actually a completely ordinary pushchair. It’s a perfect and stylish companion on the way to nursery, the supermarket or therapy.

Reliable, comfortable design

Wingus power wheelchair

The Ottobock Wingus is a sit-and-drive power wheelchair with rear-wheel drive that is equally suited for indoor and outdoor use.


Ottobock Human Mobility products include a broad selection of manual and power wheelchairs, wheelchairs for children, rehab buggies and seating and positioning solutions. They support and promote independence and mobility for people with disabilities. Thanks to many years of experience, Ottobock offers custom solutions that help users manage their everyday routines with mobility and quality of life – and enjoy doing so.

Wheelchairs for active use

From folding to rigid frame wheelchairs ‒ and from versatile to customised: Ottobock’s wheelchairs for active use are the perfect solution for many needs in everyday life. Driving comfort, safety and a stylish look always play an important role.

Ottobock wheelchairs

The illustrated products represent treatment examples. Many different factors determine whether a product is actually suitable for you and whether you are capable of taking full advantage of the functionality of the product. Key aspects include your physical condition, fitness and a detailed medical examination. Your doctor or O&P professional will also decide which treatment is best suited to you. We’re here to support you.