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schuh petters gera (HQ)
schuh petters gera (HQ)
schuh petters gera (HQ)
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Achieving success together


Schuh-Petters, Gera [Germany]

First beginnings and expansion

Uwe and Sorella Petters have now been working together as orthopaedic shoemakers for 30 years. It all started in the autumn of 1989, when the couple bought a workshop in Gera, Germany with the goal of starting their own business.

This new venture brought Uwe Petters from the town of Weißenfels, with its strong history of shoemaking, while Sorella Petters had previously worked at the orthopaedic clinic at Leipzig University. Relying on their extensive experience, the couple enthusiastically embarked on the work of producing innovative orthopaedic products. The creative path they chose has paid off: Today the Schuh-Petters GmbH company employs an over 70-strong team at 14 branches.

schuh petters gera02 (HQ)

A conversation with Sorella Petters

What is the secret behind Schuh-Petters’ success?
We have stayed true to ourselves. We haven’t let ourselves get distracted by other lines of business. We only do one thing – and we do it extremely well!

You’re setting new standards with your expansion in Gera. How has the region responded to this?
The residents of Gera have been very enthusiastic in their accep-tance of our new building. Minister Tiefensee has also visited our new facility.

Schuh-Petters stands for individuality and creativity. How have you achieved this?
No matter the type of orthopaedic work, the shoes shouldn’t be clunky – they should look good. Aesthetic shapes and custom designs to meet customers’ special wishes are important to us. We obtain top-quality leather, for example, so we can offer really smart footwear.

Is it right that even celebrities wear your shoes?
Yes, that’s right. We made two pairs of shoes – moccasins – for actor Manfred Krug. They will now be on display in the shoe museum in Weißenfels.

Why did you decide to work together with Ottobock again?
After a long testing phase, we were convinced by the cooperation we shared during the planning phase, Ottobock’s reliable service and the performance of the machines.

What’s important when it comes to successful planning?
We organise every single aspect and are very precise in our planning. Our partners have to be able to adjust to this. This is an important prerequisite for successful cooperation. Ottobock’s employees are willing and able to adapt to our ideas and goals.

Why are service and maintenance becoming increasingly important for you?
Reliable service and professional maintenance are extremely important due to the increasing service life of the machines – for example in the case of wear and tear parts for tensioning the belts.

What makes machines from Ottobock stand out?
The machines are more powerful and less prone to failures in their control elements. They offer a high level of functionality, such as the easy exchange of tools using the bayonet or the adjustable light for the user’s respective viewing angle.

Are you satisfied with the expansion?
Yes, of course. It’s enabling us to further enhance our quality and increase productivity. We will have the opportunity to open new branches and meet the growing demand from third-party produc-tion. The new building was something we had been looking forward to for ages – and it’s a life’s work.



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