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We help people maintain or regain their mobility.

Welcome to Ottobock South East Asia!

Ottobock is a 100-year-old German multinational company and the global leader in provision of innovative services and products for people with limited mobility.

Established in South East Asia in 1993, we combine our global cutting edge technology with extensive local experience to provide artificial limbs, supportive devices, mobility solutions that can improve quality of life for people with mobility limitations.

In an effort to improve the accessibility of high quality prosthetics, orthotics, and equipment to people with disabilities in the region, Ottobock has three patient care centers in Thailand and an extensive network of P&O partners that provide Ottobock products throughout Southeast Asia (Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Laos).

Our Products and Services


Mobility is the key to living life on your own terms for people in any age group. We have been striving to provide people with disabilities with the best possible quality of life for over 100 years. Valuable feedback regarding our users’ day-to-day experiences helps our product developers see the world through their eyes.

SEA 3R80 bike


Our goal is to help people move more freely and with less pain, correct malpositions and provide effective support for the healing process. Orthoses and supports have proven to be particularly effective for these purposes.

CPOs discussing the modeling of the 3D-designed MyFit TT socket


Ottobock Human Mobility products include a broad selection of manual and power wheelchairs, wheelchairs for children, rehab buggies and seating and positioning solutions. They support and promote independence and mobility for people with disabilities. Thanks to many years of experience, Ottobock offers custom solutions that help users manage their everyday routines with mobility and quality of life and enjoy doing so.


Patient Care

With the State-of-the-art, international-standard facility for P&O production, caring and motivated teams of expert CPO and completely equipped therapeutic facilities the Ottobock Patient Care Center are designed to offer a full experience of fitting, training and really to help end-user get back to your everyday life.


Ottobock Planning & Equipping

Ottobock Planning & Equipping develops and manufactures comprehensive solutions and top-quality machines and materials for orthopedic workshops. We offer you machines and fixtures which are designed according to the latest technology, health and safety regulations, and ergonomic considerations. Our primary objective is to create a working environment in which our partners feel comfortable and can do their best work possible.


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