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Ottobock Sales Export

About Ottobock

For more than 9 decades, our mission has been to restore and improve independence for people with mobility challenges. Most people know us as a company that manufactures products like prostheses, braces and orthoses, children’s wheelchairs, cushions and accessories. We take pride in the quality and advanced technology that are reflected in our product lines.

But there’s more. The people who work for us believe in our mission – taking it as a personal commitment to help make a difference for people who depend on one of our medical products to be more active. Emotions are part of our everyday work. Sensitivity, empathy and respect for human fate are among the key characteristics defining the employees of Otto Bock HealthCare.

Intercultural competence and the coalescence between our employees across five continents is a symbol of positive globalisation and requires increasingly flexible career and life planning.

Our history
Ottobock was founded in Germany in 1919 by Otto Bock, a prosthetist. His vision of restoring mobility lives on today, growing to serve the world with more than 46 locations reaching more than 100 countries. The company is headquartered in Duderstadt, Germany, and has more than 5,000 employees.

In the early 20th century, Otto Bock transformed the way artificial limbs were made. Instead of carving wood to fit a patient, he applied manufacturing techniques and created separate components (like knees and feet) that could be combined, altered or customized to create a limb that was still unique to each patient – but wasn’t built from scratch.

Because of his pioneering work, Prosthetists were able to meet the demand generated by World War I and help veterans stay as active as possible.

The Ottobock Export Team
Since the founding of Ottobock, serving international markets has been a supporting pillar of company development. Located at company headquarters in Duderstadt, Sales Export with its employees serves more than 80 countries.

Our broad range of services focuses on product sales, highly modern fittings in the Duderstadt and Berlin Competence Centres as well as consulting for private workshops and public institutions.

The Ottobock Export Team, consisting of sales and product specialists as well as prosthetists and physiotherapists from the Ottobock Competence Centre, is always available to answer your questions.

Our goal is to obtain the best possible understanding of your needs in order to provide you with an individual offer based on our 3 areas of expertise.

Product Sales
We advise you in the selection of components and materials for your patient fittings. In doing so, we have access to the most comprehensive orthopaedics technology product range. Ottobock offers a spectrum of more than 40,000 products, making the most extensive product portfolio available to its customers.

We are also happy to advise you on the procurement of orthoses and supports used for injury prevention or rehabilitation after bone, muscle and / or tendon injuries. Orthopaedics technology treatment of chronic disorders such as polio is also possible with our comprehensive selection of splints and joint systems.

The wheelchair and therapeutic aids segment accompanies users from early childhood with seating systems and buggies into adulthood. Standard wheelchairs form the basis of the manual wheelchair segment. Lightweight and active wheelchairs meet elevated, individual mobility needs. Power wheelchairs help users with elevated support needs to move about freely and independently.

Patient Care
In our competence centres, we develop and apply innovative methods to tailor your fitting to your individual requirements.

We believe in integrative concepts and pursue a multidisciplinary approach.

Consulting Services
What prerequisites must be met to achieve the best possible fitting results for a user in the course of interdisciplinary cooperation? How can you effectively develop and expand the infrastructure in a country in order to allow its most important resource, the people, to realise their potential for the benefit of their country?

Our consulting services offer end-to-end project management for orthopaedic workshops, which includes equipping and installing the units. We also offer additional services for the training and continuing education of prosthetists. Among other aspects, our consulting activities take international quality management standards into account.

Clinical Network

Our local partner

Understanding individual needs and providing prosthetic and orthotic fitting solutions and support on the way to freedom of movement - you can expect this and more from our Local Partners. We pursue an integrated approach, providing the highest quality fitting solutions in combination with personalised support from our entire rehabilitation team.

You can also find Ottobock products at our partners in clinics, medical shops and orthopaedic workshops. There you get a competent and full consultation. Take a look below to find your nearest Ottobock partner.

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