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We care for your mobility

Welcome to our international Patient Care Centers

Welcome to the Ottobock Patient Care Centers
Welcome to the Ottobock Patient Care Centers
Welcome to the Ottobock Patient Care Centers
Expertise you can trust

We listen to your needs and expectations

In our Patient Care Centers we pursue an integrated approach, providing the highest quality prosthetic and orthotic fitting solutions in combination with personalised support from our entire rehabilitation team. Our certified prosthetists, orthotists, engineers and clinicians as well as therapists and medical experts take care of individual medical needs.


Talk to our experts and learn more about our fitting solutions

Talk to our experts

February 13th-17th: User Week in Dubai

Lern more about our innovative product solutions, meet other users and talk to our experts.

Discover your possibilities

March 11th-13th: Assessment days in Istanbul

Come to the Ottobock assessment days in Istanbul and receive a free consulation from our experienced team of O&P professionals and therapists.

Diagnoses and symptoms

Your Mobility is our Mission

Life with a missing limb or a neurological disease means a great challenge to anyone concerned. It not only affects your life at home and at work, but also your social and leisure time activities. At Ottobock we are prepared to help you master those challenges by helping you to regain as much mobility and independence as possible.

Active with Amputation

You set your own limits!

Today’s modern world brings along a fast paced lifestyle. That is why our main objective is to make sure that you can continue to participate in all your daily acitivities – without restrictions. But there is no such thing as the best prosthesis for everyone! What offers reliable safety for one person might not be the ultimate solution for another. This is why every fitting solution is adapted to your individual needs and demand. You can rely on the professional support of an experienced rehabilitation team and on premium quality service.

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We are looking forward to meeting you

Our team is looking forward to meeting you and learning more about your needs and expectations in order to search for the adequate fitting solution.

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+90 212 356 50 40 (Turkey) or +385 133 615 44 (Croatia)

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Individual consultation meetings with our technicians

Fitting solutions

Take advantage of our wide range of fitting services

We offer a perfect balance of function, safety, natural appearance and comfort. That’s why we are committed to the highest standards in our diverse product range - from standard to high-end and complex fitting solutions for your individual case and lifestyle.

Break new grounds

Individual leg prosthetic solutions

Talk to an expert

Contact us for a free consultation

You have further questions about Ottobock fitting solutions? You are not sure what the best solution is for you or your loved one?  Or you would like to learn more about a stay in one of our Patient Care Centres? – Then please book a consultancy with our Patient Care Team today. The right expert will contact you as soon as possible and arrange an individual appointment with you.

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Be sure to be treated uniquely

Our team is very familiar with international patients and different cultural requirements. We offer honest dialogue and personal support throughout the entire rehabilitation process.

In our Patient Care Centers we use state-of-the art fitting solutions.

State-of-the-art treatment solutions

In our centres we use state-of-the-art technologies and materials to ensure a comfortable and precise fitting process.

Rehabilitation after amputation

Rehabilitation and medical advice

An individual rehabilitation programme allows users to reach their full physical potential. If necessary, the fitting is accompanied by experienced doctors.

Unsere TechnikerInnen wissen vorher nie, was sie erwartet.

After sales service

Our gurantee packages do not end with the delivery, but include regular check-ups and maintenance of your prostheses and orthoses.

Arrival & stay

We want to make your stay as comfortable as possible

At our centers, we follow an essential rule: every patient is unique, and every patient gets our best. We respect personality, cultural background and take care of the wishes of our guests throughout their stay.

Travel support & accommodation

Our service team will be happy to assist you with your travel planning, from booking flights and trains to choosing the right accommodation.

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Application service

We support you in the visa application process and organise your departure including all administration, e.g. invoicing and export documents.

Patient at our Patient Care Center in Berlin.

Leisure activities

There is a lot to discover around our Patient Care Centres. Our team will be happy to assist you in booking wellness and touristic activities.


Here you can get a prosthetic or orthotic fitting

Private atmosphere, caring and motivated teams and completely equipped therapeutic facilities – the Ottobock Patient Care Center are designed to offer a comfortable stay on the way to enhanced mobility.

Our fitting centres are located in places ranging from quiet, charming towns via culturally interesting cities right up to trendsetting metropolises.