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Our Patient Care Center in Kenya

In our Patient Care Center in Nairobi we accompany patients from East, West and Central Africa on their journey to the freedom of movement by offering solutions and support in prosthetic, orthotic and wheelchair fittings.

We are looking forward to meeting you

Our team is looking forward to meeting you and learning more about your needs and expectations in order to search for the adequate fitting solution. There is nothing more motivating for us than seeing people regaining their quality of life.

In addition to a private atmosphere and a motivated team, you will also find a fully equipped therapeutic facility, that serves the needs of our guests. As a hub of the Ottobock headquarters in Duderstadt/Germany our clients may benefit from over 100 years of tradition and experience in the field of orthopedic rehabilitation.

My name is Jack Isaack and I’m a 17 year old, active and resilient teenager. I was amputated below the knee at the tender age of 2 as a result of a road accident. I have used various assistive devices over the years but I have never really been satisfied. My current fitting done at Ottobock Kenya in Nairobi has given me newfound confidence and enables me to go about my daily chores with lots of enthusiasm and independence.

Jack Isaack
Jack going for a walk
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Expertise and high quality

Ottobock stands for high quality & individual prosthetic solutions for all amputation levels, our main objective being to help you maintain or regain your mobility and independence. Our personnel will support you on your journey to enhanced mobility.

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Diverse product range at fair prices

We offer a perfect balance of function, safety, aesthetics, comfort and price for everyone. Both standard and custom fittings for demanding users, optimum fitting solutions for your individual case and lifestyle.


Therapy directly on site

At Ottobock Kenya, Patient Care Center we pursue an integrated rehabilitation approach, the goal is to optimally prepare you for life with your prosthesis. On one hand this includes regaining strength, endurance and coordination through targeted physiotherapy on the other specialized gait training that teaches you how to use your prosthesis.


Be sure to be treated uniquely

At Ottobock every patient is unique and therefore receives best and individualized care. We respect diverse personality and cultural backgrounds. We facilitate your care by extending support in transfers, accommodation, visa application and other individual needs.

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Agnes story

With her new proshesis Agnes is independent and can do her chores like farming, laundry and cooking.