OTWorld 2022

Visit us at OTWorld 2022 – Hall 5/booth C18

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Ottobock at OTWorld 2022

Technology that serves people

Promoting freedom of movement, quality for life and independence. Enabling people to live their lives the way they want them to. #WeEmpowerPeople. This is Ottobock's mission and the guiding theme of this year's trade fair appearance of the healthtech company at OTWorld. Highlights at the booth include the 25th anniversary of the C-Leg prosthetic knee joint, the presentation of the holistic NeuroMobility treatment approach and the products and possibilities of digital workshop equipment.


Our Program at OTWorld

The event area is the focus of our trade show exhibition. Hourly interactive shows are held in the event area with demo users and experts. You can then check out the videos of the events here.

Congress Program

Congress Program

In Leipzig, we are furthering the industry's future jointly with our partners, the O&P specialists and the medical supply companies. Orthopaedic technology goes digital. We bring digitalisation and innovative technologies to people.

Professor Hans Georg Näder, Owner and Chairman of the Board of Ottobock SE & Co. KGaA
Prof Hans Georg Naeder
Professor Hans Georg Näder

After four years, the industry is finally coming together again. From person to person. In the past 26 months, O&P professionals all over the world have surpassed themselves in order to provide the best possible care for people despite the pandemic.

Philipp Schulte-Noelle, CEO
Philipp Schulte-Noelle showroom 2
Philipp Schulte-Noelle

The C-Leg is a prime example of human empowerment. Cycling with the family again, strolling through the weekly market or working in the garden, the C-Leg breaks down barriers in everyday life.

Martin Böhm, Chief Experience Officer
Martin Böhm cl
Martin Böhm