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28U24 - Ankle-Foot orthotics

WalkOn Reaction

Dynamic appearance

People with permanent drop foot depend on a device that lifts their foot while walking.

That is precisely what the WalkOn Reaction does. The carbon orthosis helps to lift the foot during the swing phase, making the gait safer while reducing the risk of stumbling and falling. The tip of the foot no longer gets caught as easily on small obstacles or uneven ground.

Thanks to its special design, the WalkOn Reaction supports the knee joint as well. When the foot lowering musculature is impaired as well, you also benefit from the high energy return of the orthosis, which is activated during the rollover motion of the foot. This lets you walk more naturally again.

Terms and conditionsStroke, other, Multiple sclerosis, Neurological disorders
User groupadults
ApplicationsCustum orthetics, Bracing & Support/ (OTS)
All specifications
Benefits at a glance

WalkOn Reaction – lightweight, balancing, robust

Henning_WalkOn Reaction_ walking
Walk more naturally

The WalkOn Reaction enables a nearly physiological gait. Depending on your current phase in the gait cycle, extension and flexion of the knee is supported by the special structure (frontal contact) of the orthosis. Your gait pattern becomes smoother.

Henning_WalkOn Reaction_movement
Fewer compensating movements

Compensating movements can lead to signs of wear. The WalkOn Reaction reduces these with its high energy return. You walk more symmetrically, because the orthosis stores energy at heel strike and releases it again during the rollover movement of the foot.

Henning_WalkOn Reaction_unevenness
Enhanced safety

You gain safety because the WalkOn reaction supports and lifts your foot in the swing phase while walking. The risk of getting caught with the tip of the foot, for example on carpet edges or uneven ground, is reduced.

Henning_WalkOn Reaction_putting on the orthosis
Use regular footwear

The orthosis fits in any shoe that provides support. You should merely ensure that the shoe has a reinforced heel. To put on the orthosis, you should position the WalkOn Reaction in the shoe and then slide in with your foot.

WalkOn Reaction_lightweight and discreet
Lightweight and discreet

The WalkOn Reaction is lightweight, slim and discreet under clothing. A shin pad makes it even more comfortable for you.

Henning_WalkOn Reaction_durability
Robust and durable

The WalkOn Reaction is especially robust. It has proven its durability in trials and long-term function testing.

User Experience

For everyone who wants more / The ideal companion

Henning’s user story

Henning plays a lot of sport, swims, hikes, rides mountain bike, enjoys going dancing with his wife and also likes to try new things, such as stand up paddle boarding. But he isn’t taking any of this for granted since he had a serious traffic accident. The WalkOn Reaction dorsiflexion assist orthosis makes it possible for him to move more naturally and lead an active life.


Product information

Terms and conditionsStroke, other, Multiple sclerosis, Neurological disorders
User groupadults
ApplicationsCustum orthetics, Bracing & Support/ (OTS)

Product Data

Article numberShoe sizeSideHeight
28U24=L36-3936 - 39left (L)33.3 cm
28U24=R36-3936 - 39right (R)33.3 cm
28U24=L39-4239 - 42left (L)35.5 cm
28U24=R39-4239 - 42right (R)35.5 cm
28U24=L42-4542 - 45left (L)37.7 cm
28U24=R42-4542 - 45right (R)37.7 cm
28U24=L45-4845 - 48left (L)40.0 cm
28U24=R45-4845 - 48right (R)40.0 cm



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The ankle-foot orthosis is made of a modern carbon fibre prepreg material which is very lightweight. A carbon spring at the back extends from the Achilles tendon to the calf. The WalkOn provides support during walking for users with residual musculature. The orthosis releases previously stored energy at toe-off so the gait becomes smoother. The ankle joint is stabilised at the same time.