Know the difference – IP Rating explained

Life can get a little wet sometimes so it is important to know how protected your prosthesis is from exposure to the elements. IP Rating is the key to understanding what types of activities you can enjoy without ruining your device.

What is weatherproof? What is waterproof? For microprocessor knees, such as the C-Leg 4, Kenevo, Genium and Genium X3, it all comes down to what is called the IP Rating – and you should know the difference!


C-Leg 4 - IP 67

This rating means C-Leg 4 is protected from damage due to incidental contact or temporary submersion in fresh water up to 1 meter for 30 minutes. Now everyday activities such as washing the car or watering you garden are no longer a concern.


Kenevo - IP 22

This rating means the is protected from dripping water but otherwise has little protection against water or dust. It is best used indoors or in clean, dry environments.


Genium - IP 54

This rating protects Genium from damage due to incidental contact (like splashes) with fresh water.


Genium X3 - IP 68

Genium X3 carries the highest level of protection offered in any microprocessor knee. The knee joint is fully submersible up to 3 meters for 60 minutes and protected for both fresh and salt water. It is also corrosion resistant and designed to withstand impact from dust, dirt and sand. Genium X3 allows you to swim in the ocean, work in humid or wet environments and is perfect for sports such as wakeboarding or skiing.

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