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Prosthetic Accessories

Derma Skin Care Products

Derma skin care products

Derma Clean cleans gently and safely. Ph-neutral, anti-bacterial formula.

Derma Prevent coats the skin, leaving it soft and supple, while preventing chaffing.

Derma Repair moisturises and promotes regeneration of dry, irritated skin.


How to care for your liners

• The liner, gaiter and sleeve must be carefully rolled on to the residual limb. Pulling will stretch and possibly damage the liner, gaiter or sleeve.

• To remove any air bubbles trapped in the liner, place your hands on the sides of the liner and lightly slide them from the bottom of the liner to the top a few times.

• Carefully inspect the liner and sleeve for tears or abrasions that may cause a loss of vacuum.

• Sleeves and liners should be washed weekly by hand. Dry the liner with a towel, and hang the sleeve to dry.

• If the inside of the sleeve or liner feels tacky, you can dust it lightly with baby powder.

• Keep a supply of at least two good sleeves, since sleeves need to be washed and dried weekly and replaced when damaged

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