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Amputee standing in front of a prosthetist and donning an Ottobock Skeo Sealing liner

Liners in the Skeo Range

Silicone liners stabilise residual limbs with a lot of soft tissue

Silicone liners stabilise residual limbs with a lot of soft tissue


The liner plays an important role in connecting the prosthesis to the residual limb. For this reason, it’s important to carefully consider the selection of the liner.

Thanks to the special material properties of silicone, the liners in the Skeo product range are perfect at stabilising residual limbs that are covered by a lot of soft tissue. The liners are also very durable. Depending on the model, a low-friction textile cover or a silky smooth exterior coating ensures easy handling during day-to-day use. This makes it easier for you to don the prosthetic socket. The Skeo liners are also easy to clean.

Ottobock’s Skeo liners are equipped with further characteristics and functions which should be given at least equal importance in your choice of a liner. The Skeo Pure is a transparent liner, the Skeo 3D has an anatomical shape and the Skeo Skinguard is equipped with an antibacterial additive.


Liners in the Skeo range.


Skeo Sealing Liner - a firm hold, all day long

With the Skeo Sealing, you can relax and focus on all the challenges of your everyday life. The vacuum is reliably maintained thanks to the sealing ring.

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