iFab – digital patient treatment

Setting new standards together. Our digital solutions integrate innovative technologies that make treatment easier and more convenient. This is how we work as a team to make room for what really counts: customised patient care for more quality of life.


Digital empowerment

Driven by innovations, we are using our solutions to build a digital ecosystem that improves the quality of customised patient care, offers freedom and promotes rapid independence and mobility. All our solutions are designed to utilise the benefits of digitalisation in the working environment of the orthopaedics trade and in the lives of patients.

"Patients who experienced the conventional process say they definitely aren’t going to miss the plaster cast. The treatment process has become significantly more comfortable and accurate."

Wolid Sharif

"When we learned that our child would have to wear a helmet, we were a bit concerned. But the helmet is very easy to use. I really didn’t expect that."

Theres R.

"Bionic Pro lets me visualise and analyse the gait pattern in combination with various
treatment alternatives and components.
It’s a great help in terms of providing individual patient care. And it’s objective."

Jens Volkmar

I was surprised at how comfortable and simple taking my measurements could be. My O&P professional can even do it in my home.

Danuta B.
Vivre après un AVC
Digital solutions

Digital solutions