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Introducing a new Bluetooth chip and related BionicLink PC Bluetooth Dongle

To be future ready, secure our ability to continue production and ensure software connectivity, we are introducing a new Bluetooth chip and related BionicLink PC Bluetooth Dongle (60X5=2).

C-leg was our first product to be delivered with the new Bluetooth chip in August 2023, followed by Kenevo in November. The first time you order a C-Leg or Kenevo you will recieve the new dongle (white 60X5=2 BionicLink PC Bluetooth) in the delivery. This is needed to connect the knee to DataStation.

To be able to use the new dongle you need to upgrade some drivers and software if you haven’t already done that. Please go to to download USB Drivers 5.0 and install them.

The new dongle is backwards compatible with all our products except Dynamic Arm, see chart

bluetooth dongle

With this upgrade, C-leg has received new article numbers, valid from August 14th


Kenevo has new article numbers, valid from November 21st


Please reach out to us if you have any questions or encounter challenges in setting this up.

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