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Our mission since 1919

We help people maintain or regain their freedom of movement.

A prosthetic glove touches the tip of the finger of an Ottobock bebionic hand
A prosthetic glove touches the tip of the finger of an Ottobock bebionic hand
A prosthetic glove touches the tip of the finger of an Ottobock bebionic hand
About Ottobock

About Ottobock

For 100 years, people have come first in everything we do. We work hard every day to improve the quality of life of our patients and users, and to enable them to live independent daily lives. For us, quality of life is closely linked to personal freedom and independence. That’s why we help people maintain or regain their freedom of movement.  Whether through a prosthesis, an orthosis or a neuromodulation suit, our focus is always on finding the best solution for our users. Beyond products, we offer, customised orthopaedic treatment and rehabilitation solutions around the world through our Ottobock Patient Care centers.

History of Ottobock

Ottobock was founded in Germany in 1919 by prosthetist Otto Bock. In the early 20th century, Otto Bock changed the way prosthetics were made. Instead of carving a wooden leg to fit a patient, he began creating separate components, such as knees, legs and feet, that could be combined and customised to create a solution unique to each user. His vision of restoring mobility lives on today.

We now have more than 400 orthopaedic units, four research centres and a presence in 60 locations worldwide. The company is headquartered in Duderstadt, Germany, and has more than 9,000 employees.

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Ottobock in the Nordics

Ottobock opened its doors in Scandinavia in 1967. Ottobock is a product and sales company that operates in the entire Nordic market. Through Aktiv Ortopedteknik and Respecta, we offer orthopaedic technology services at 25 locations in Sweden and Finland. ExoNeural Network (ENN) in Stockholm focuses on innovation and development of clothing for neuromodulation.

1919, Ottobock is founded in Germany.
1967, Ottobock Scandinavia AB is registered as a company.
1992, Ottobock opens its first orthopaedic technology centre in Sweden, also the first globally for Ottobock.
1995, Aktiv Group is founded in Sweden, with Ottobock as co-owner (otherwise employee-owned).
2009, Ottobock acquires OT-Center in Sweden.
2011, Ottobock becomes majority owner of the Aktiv group (51 %).
2013, Ottobock acquires Respecta Oy in Finland.
2015, Ottobock acquires Ortopedservice in Stockholm, Sweden.
2019, Ottobock celebrates 100 years.
2019, Ottobock acquires the remaining shares of the Aktiv Group in Sweden.
2021, Ottobock acquires Exoneural Network and the innovative product Exopulse Mollii Suit becomes part of the product portfolio.

Our mission

This is what drives us

Human, reliable, inventive, smart – these are Ottobock’s company values. They form the basis of our day-to-day work in the company. Our values drive us.

We emphasise personal relationships based on trust and we are sustainable, responsible and transparent in everything we do. Our corporate values give us a fundamental direction for leadership and co-operation around the world. We focus on reliability and mutual trust. We are always there to help our patients and partners. We are committed to working together to develop new solutions and strategies that help people overcome everyday challenges and prepare them for the future. As part of our team, you have a great opportunity to influence and make a difference!

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A diverse group of amputees enjoy each others company while wearing various custom bionic hand products