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App update

MyoPlus App update – now simpler, faster and more reliable

Myo Plus pattern recognition is optimized for the bebionic hand and the MyoBock system. It transforms muscle signals into myoelectric signals using electrodes on the forearm and translates them directly into movements of a prosthetic hand.

Myo Plus learns to interpret the user's individual movement patterns, assigning each to a specific movement of the prosthesis. These patterns can be adapted with the Myo Plus app. This intuitive control enables users to fully utilize the potential of their highly complex, multi-articulating prosthetic hands.

The Myo Plus app allows you to easily use and configure your hand prosthesis. It serves as a 'window into the prosthesis' and visualizes muscle activities in the residual limb through the spiderplot.

What's new in the Myo Plus app:

  • New simplified and user-friendly design

  • Enhanced usability

  • In-app step-by-step guides

  • Personal activity tracker (Myo Connect)

  • Fixed Bluetooth issues

  • Bug fixes


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MyoPlus Connect

Myo Connect

Empowering health care professionals with Data, Connecting Patients with Care.

Digitally connected – anytime

The Myo Connect web portal allows you to remotely check the status of a user's Myo Plus prosthesis control. You gain objective insights into the activity data of the prosthesis during everyday use and can view important information about the condition of the prosthesis from a distance.

  • Number and type of grips in a certain period

  • Current system status and settings

  • Bluetooth PIN code

  • Error messages, type of error and instructions for rectification

  • History of recorded / deleted movements and spiderplots

available free of charge for Myo Plus


  1. Go to

  2. Use you MyOttobock login or register for one under:

  3. In the Myo Connect Dashboard Click on “Invite Patients”

  4. After their confirmation everything is set up and ready for use

For more information, please contact your Ottobock representative or

My Ottobock account

The MyOttobock account is the personal key to a growing number of new apps, digital functions and connected services from Ottobock.

  • For professional users: access to new applications and remote access to patient data

  • For patients: enjoy additional functions in Ottobock apps like activity data and connection with the O&P facility

On the website you can conveniently manage your account, personal and privacy settings and connections.