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Sandra regained mobility in her leg with electrical stimulation (FES)

Sandra Reiss fell so badly that she suffered a herniated disc with damaged spinal nerves. Now her right leg does not respond and she cannot walk without traditional aids. With the help of a new product that uses electrostimulation, she has regained her ability to walk and hope.

Sandra Reiss L300 Go

"It's a completely different freedom to be able to move around as much as you can with this!"

Life was full speed ahead for Sandra Reiss, who has three children and two large Great Dane dogs. She was working as an inspection technician and running a cattle farm. Suddenly everything changed. Sandra fell so badly that she suffered a severe herniated disc. The injured nerves were so damaged that she became paralysed in her right leg and could no longer walk without assistance.

"It was a very big adjustment to learn how to get around with a leg that doesn't work properly."

Sandra first received a traditional plastic full-leg orthosis to support her leg. But the big change came when she tried an innovative product based on functional electrical stimulation, the L300 Go. The product consists of cuffs that fit around the lower leg and thigh. It sends electrical impulses to the nerves that activate the muscles - and Sandra can now stretch her leg and lift her foot in a compound movement. The functions are adjusted in an app. For Sandra, it has changed her whole life.

"It's a completely different freedom to be able to move around as much as you can with this!"

"In the beginning it was a bit robotic, I looked a bit funny then. But you can make so many settings on it. When to lift your foot, when to put it down. Everything! If I don't have this thing I call my leg, then it's hard to get around. Yes, it is probably one of the best things that has happened to me after my accident!"

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