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Finding freedom after decades of struggle:

Thomas' journey with amputation and rehabilitation

After a numerous surgeries, 30 years walking on a stiff leg, constantly getting infections, Thomas was forced into an amputation. Today he is walking on a Genium X3 prosthetic knee and the long nightmare is over.

Thomas Sahva Kenevo

When Thomas was 17, a benign tumor was discovered in his left femur. What was first interpreted as muscle pain and initially treated with an ultrasound, led to a long hospital stay with countless surgeries. This eventually resulted in an 8 cm shorter, stiff leg that he has walked with for 30 of his now 55-year-old life. The stiff leg was constantly infected and eventually could no longer be controlled. The leg was therefore amputated at femoral level on January 6, 2023.

Choosing acceptance and moving forward

Although Thomas had a lot of time reading up on prosthetics for the inevitable day when it happened, he actively chose not to do any research and instead take the day as it comes.

Two months after the amputation, Thomas took the first steps with a prosthetic knee and today, one year later, he moves unhindered with the Genium X3 knee joint and the Triton prosthetic foot. The new leg is becoming a more natural part of him, and he can now walk without having to think about each step. He says he can trick his brain into feeling his foot, but doesn't dare to do it too often for fear of phantom pain. His gait has become much more symmetrical after the amputation and the length of the prosthesis has been gradually increased to accustom the body to the previous leg length difference of 8 cm.

Genium X3 – a perfect match

Thomas works in the cement industry and travels all over the world 35–45 days a year. His job often involves walking up long spiral staircases on construction sites and often in dusty environments.

The Genium X3 will be a faithful companion, both in terms of the IP rating that protects the electronics from dust ingress and the staircase function. In addition, it works with an ordinary jogging shoe on the prosthetic foot instead of the heavy protective shoe that is required at construction sites, which facilitates the stair function in the knee.

New priorities: grandkids comes first

Thomas is the type that cannot sit still – not even in his spare time. It is what’s drives him. He needs to be able to use his body – to climb a lather, renovate houses and excise. “There are also many other things you can do with your time, such as gardening and traveling," he says, but his latest priority, is to play with his grandkids.

The Genium X3 prosthetic knee gives Thomas flexibility even though he is still learning how to use it and explore the different modes the leg has.

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