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We continuously review the environmental impact of materials. In addition, we take a systematic approach to identifying alternatives that use fewer resources and are more environmentally friendly. Thanks to the launch of our GreenLine range, we’re now able to offer customers a new generation of materials that combines occupational safety with functionality to best effect.

The GreenLine consists of materials that are more planet-friendly than conventional products and less damaging to the health of the O&P professionals who process them.

Phthalate-free hardening powder marks the beginning of a new generation of materials that combines functionality with occupational safety to best effect.

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GreenLine materials

GreenLine materials

We developed our GreenLine range to help our customers maximise safety in the workplace. GreenLine materials are more planet-friendly than conventional products and less damaging to the health of the O&P professionals who process them.

Flax Fibres

Ottobock flax fibres. Sustainable and safe.

With the addition of Ottobock Flax fibres, we are expanding our GreenLine product line to include a sustainable alternative to traditional reinforcement materials in the orthopaedic industry. Coming from renewable raw materials, our fibres are used to manufacture stable laminates and can be processed using both plaster and foam models.

Ottobock flax fibres offer a sustainable alternative to carbon fibres for TT and TF sockets. They are easy to model, require no additional tools, and can be combined with most Ottobock resins. For a particularly sustainable laminate, use OrthoEpox GreenLine resin 617HG5. Download the product brief below for details.

Flax fibres
OrthoEpox GreenLine

OrthoEpox GreenLine. Sustainable epoxy resin.

OrthoEpox GreenLine hardener is the first sustainable material that consists of at least 50% renewable raw materials. It eliminates possible health hazards posed by bisphenols during processing in the orthopaedic workshop as well as for prosthesis and orthosis wearers. OrthoEpox GreenLine is used for the fabrication of lightweight, thin-walled yet stable laminates in prosthetics and orthotics.

  • Phthalate-free:

    • Non-carcinogenic

    • Non-mutagenic

    • Not toxic to reproduction

Find Product briefs for OrthoEpox and the Hardening powder further down.

GreenLine products

GreenLine product range

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Product Briefs

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