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News | December 2023

Enhancing rehabilitation potential in patients with spinal cord injury

Dr. Jayaraman, PhD, and his team recently conducted a study to evaluate post-inpatient rehabilitation outcomes achieved using two different approaches:

  • Traditional mobility care for acute SCI with primary wheelchair use combined with locked KAFOs and other standard assistive devices (n=15 patients)

  • Rehabilitation using C-Brace, a microprocessor-controlled stance- and swing-phase orthosis (n=15 patients).

At baseline, 3, 6, and 12 months, patients’ physiological and neuromuscular improvement was evaluated using a range of mobility, balance, and functional assessments. Compared with patients managed with traditional methods, patients using C-Brace trended toward substantially higher individual and average improvement in several outcomes:

  • 6-minute walk test (6MWT): Increased walking endurance

  • BBS: Improved standing balance

  • 10-meter walk test (10MWT): Higher average walking speed (m/s)

  • Functional gait assessment (FGA): Improved balance when walking

At the end of the study period, Dr. Jayaraman noted, patients using C-Brace with the help of an expert PT were able to achieve multiple positive outcomes: well-controlled general and neuropathic pain, active hip control or impeccable body awareness despite sensory loss, and low to moderate spasticity when loading affected limbs. C-Brace patients were also more able to advance their affected limb without scissoring.

Together, these findings indicate that C-Brace has a valuable role to play in unlocking the full rehabilitation potential of patients with traumatic spine injuries.

Arun Jayaraman, holds a BS in Physical Therapy from SRM Medical College Hospital and Research Centre in Chennai, India; an MS in Physical Therapy from Georgia State University; and a PhD in Rehabilitation Medicine from the University of Florida in Gainesville.

More information about the C-Brace®

More information about the C-Brace®