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The new heel height adjustable Taleo Adjust prosthetic foot

Closeup of Ottobock Taleo Adjust prosthetic foot, getting adjusted in heel height by user

No more restrictions when it comes to shoe choice

The Taleo Adjust is designed for moderately active users who navigate a wide range of indoor and outdoor environments, and who place a high value on flexibility in the choice of footwear. At the click of a button, the prosthetic foot can be smoothly adjusted up to a heel height of 7 cm.

“Getting ready for work in the mornings barefoot, going for a jog outside in trainers, wearing business shoes to the office and wearing high heels at the event in the evening – with Taleo Adjust, our users are no longer limited in their choice of shoes,” says Manuel Hiller, product manager at Ottobock.

The carbon foot is aimed at all active users (mobility grade 2–3), can bear loads of up to 115 kg and is suitable for every gender.

Another advantage of the new prosthetic foot is that it is compatible with all Ottobock microprocessor-controlled knees (C-Leg, Genium X3 and Kenevo) as well as the new Quickchange adapter for a quick and easy changeover of prosthesis components.

Taleo Adjust features

  • Easy heel height adjustment
    The easy heel height adjustment from 0 to 7 cm allows users to wear different shoes. The individually optimal prosthetic alignment can be reproduced.

  • Thin double carbon springs and a long carbon base spring
    Depending on the footwear, the thin double carbon springs and a long carbon base spring ensure high flexibility, efficient energy return and a smooth rollover for a dynamic gait pattern without dead spots, even at changing walking speeds.

  • Heel wedge options
    Thanks to three different heel wedges, both the impact stress at heel strike and the gait dynamics can be customised.

Video tutorial

1C56 Taleo Adjust | Ottobock Professionals

The heel height adjustable Taleo Adjust prosthetic foot allows users to wear shoes with a heel height from 0 up to 7 cm. This tutorial explains who benefits most from the Taleo Adjust and shows the entire fitting process from correctly aligning the prosthesis to training the heel height adjustment with different shoes.

00:00 - Introduction
01:20 - Bench alignment
02:56 - Static optimization
03:42 - Dynamic optimization
04:26 - Setting the heel height
05:32 - Technical data

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