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1E93 - Pies

Runner junior

Tipo de productoMecánico
Peso corporal máx.45 kg
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Ottobock Kids
Ottobock Kids

Promote movement, live life to the fullest! Children want to play, learn and be actively involved in life. The same holds true for children with disabilities. Learn more about our special medical devices that are appropriate for children.

Experiencia de usuario


Rio has big dreams and exact ideas about the life he wants. “I’m totally active. My favourite sports are athletics, handball, football, rugby and cricket. When I grow up, I want to compete in the Paralympic Games.”


Jan enjoys being active in sports and loves spending time with his friends. Whether he’s on the playground, in the classroom or playing school sports – the Runner junior is tailored specifically to his needs. 


Información del producto

Tipo de productoMecánico
Peso corporal máx.45 kg
Altura de amputaciónAmputación transfemoral, Amputación transtibial
Grupo de usuariosNiños
Resistencia a la humedadResistente a la intemperie

Archivo del producto

Peso corporal máx.45 kg
Tamaño (medidas)universal
Peso170-210 g
Altura de montaje185 cm
Altura de montaje, sometido a carga16 cm