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Celebrating 25 years of the C-Leg Microprocessor Knee

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C-Leg the signature microprocessor controlled knee joint started a revolution in prosthetics. A quarter century and over 100,000 fittings later, it’s still the most popular prosthesis of its kind. See how the C-Leg keeps users moving forward with decades of innovation in every step.


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No one knows the C-Leg better than those who wear it everyday. Check out the latest social posts from users around the globe.

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Since 1997

C-Leg – The Signature Microprocessor Controlled Knee Joint

Since 1997, one microprocessor knee technology has set the standard for every other available option. It’s the one patented technology that empowers humans with the proven performance they need to live the healthy, active life they want. C-Leg adapts to your unique gait pattern and walking speeds, so you can keep your focus where it matters — not on your next step, but on where you want it to take you.

C-Leg success stories

Learn why more people choose C-Leg than any other microprocessor knee.

In his C-Leg 4, Brandon leans on a rail overlooking water and the city
Brandon, Entrepreneur and Fashion Designer, USA

"The C-Leg has improved my life tremendously."

After losing his leg in a motorcycle accident, Brandon recovered from the traumatic experience with the support of his family, friends, and fraternity brothers. He went on to found The Mind Clothing, a fashion brand that harnesses his unwaveringly positive spirit.

Proven performance

It’s the world’s most studied prosthetic device. Full stop.


C-Leg launched as complete microprocessor controlled knee joint (MPK).

100.000 fittings

have now helped more users regain mobility than any other MPK.

up to 90%

of C-Leg users prefer the C-Leg to their previous prosthesis.*

77 scientific publications

support the benefits C-Leg users enjoy every day.

4 updates

later, the new C-Leg reflects ongoing innovation & user input.

63 countries

around the world have received delivery of the C-Leg.

Innovation for everyday life

The celebration continues with the new C-Leg 4

The crowning achievement of these 25 years, the C-Leg 4 update provides new features for even more reliability, next-level personalization, and a better user experience:

  • A darker color option — Midnight Shadow

  • Customizable shield insert to reflect users’ individual style

  • Deep sleep mode to conserve battery

  • Redesigned charger for one-handed use

  • Support for sitting down plus more comfort once seated

  • Assisted descent on ramps and stairs

  • Improved stance release for smooth, reliable movement

  • Helpful training function to optimize use

  • More customized options via MyMode Plus

Press kit

Press Kit 25 Years of C-Leg

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*Kannenberg, A., Zacharias, B., & Pröbsting, E. (2014). Benefits of microprocessor-controlled prosthetic knees to limited community ambulators: systematic review. Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development, 51(10), 1469-96.