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AllClaim® Billing Program

Here to help you navigate the world of patient claims.

Helping orthotics and prosthetics professionals provide the best possible patient care, AllClaim by Ottobock exists to solve an important financial-related issue that has become a barrier and adversely affects practitioners across the O&P industry. AllClaim by Ottobock has been reinvented to make billing a hassle-free, no-risk experience for prosthetic and orthotic providers, providing a totally different way to think of reimbursement for a device while addressing payor voids.

AllClaim by Ottobock is the O&P industry’s trusted billing solution, bolstered by a payor contract portfolio of over 150 contracts.

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Why AllClaim?

Too many orthotics and prosthetics providers have been delayed and hampered from fitting their patients with the right device at the right time. The reasons are often billing issues, including bureaucratic complexities, unpredictability, and concerns about fair and timely reimbursement. Recognizing this set of increasing challenges, AllClaim by Ottobock was created as a comprehensive solution to help practitioners overcome and remedy reimbursement delays, uncomfortable risks, and paperwork-heavy “red tape.”

Ottobock takes on the burden and risk on the front-end, including the cost of goods sold, unlike third-party billing companies. Ottobock guarantees that orthotics and prosthetics providers are paid within 45 days and able to obtain the most appropriate product for patients, who are the real beneficiaries of a reliable billing solution that works with utmost trust.

“AllClaim came up during a time when our organization was struggling to secure insurance contracts with the larger private payers. In a competitive market you cannot afford to push away patients because of high deductibles and/or out of pocket expenses. We have had great experiences and always receive a prompt and thorough response to any question or concern.”

-Brian – AllClaim® Billing Program partner

varos practitioner
varos practitioner
The Process

The Simplified Process of AllClaim® by Ottobock.

Our straightforward process will lead to more reliability and less risk for your business. We are uniquely positioned with a wide array of commercial payor contracts, including prominent private and worker’s comp insurers to provide market access to you. Additionally, Medicare billing is available in select states.

To participate in our AllClaim solution, follow this general process:

  1. Submit your initial profile using our AllClaim assessment form. We will need to assess your payor contract situation, product mix and volume, your desired options and respond with a fee structure and a Provider Services Agreement to be reviewed and signed.

  2. After engagement under our Provider Services Agreement, your claim submissions will be:

    1. Submitted using our prescribed forms along with required documentation.

    2. Reviewed by us to ensure it is complete, clean, and ready for submission.

    3. Tracked by us to confirm the claim is received and questions are addressed.


Not sure where to start?

Reach out to us for more information.

Chuck Grosso, National Sales Director , Ottobock Orthopedic Services
480 - 285 - 7294