Potvrdite svoju lokaciju

Potvrdite svoju lokaciju ili odaberite s popisa zemalja kako biste stupili u kontakt s poduzećem Ottobock na lokalnom tržištu. Pobrinut ćemo se za to da ubuduće budete proslijeđeni na stranicu koju ste odabrali kako biste uvijek bili na pravom mjestu.


Team sports are group experiences. Besides keeping you fit, they also have a strong social dimension. Nobody wins or loses alone. Victory is only achieved by working together. Those who train and invest themselves on behalf of a team will enjoy a deep sense of camaraderie and mutual respect. Naturally, team members are expected to be reliable in attending practices and keeping agreements. But commitment can be very helpful for people especially when they begin a sport, because it helps them integrate the new activity into their routine on an ongoing basis.

There are numerous team sports that people with and without disabilities can play together. It’s worth trying various options before you decide which sport and which team is best suited to your needs and wishes. On this page you’ll find a selection of different team sports to give you an initial idea of what’s out there. If you would like to know more about a particular sport or where you can engage in a sport locally, please contact your national disabled sports association.

Types of sports

Košarka u invalidskim kolicima

Basketball is one of the most popular wheelchair sports in the world, and numerous sports clubs now cater to this trend. Wheelchair basketball is a spectacular sport that’s fast, acrobatic, passionate and inclusive. Many teams include non-disabled members who join their fellow players in wheelchairs on the court.


Sjedeća odbojka

Sitting volleyball is a dynamic game in which two teams of six play across a 1.15-metre-high net. The technique is identical to that of conventional volleyball – the only difference being that the player’s torso must be touching the ground when they make contact with the ball. Sitting volleyball is ideal for athletes with leg disabilities, as players are seated throughout the game. Players may use their arms and legs to move around, but no other devices are permitted.

A team of amputated volleyball players watch intently as their teammate reaches for the ball

Sportski proizvodi

Bilo da ste tek krenuli s treninzima ili ste osvajač zlatne medalje na paraolimpijskim igrama - naši proizvodi imaju za cilj učiniti vas bržim, sretnijim i okretnijim.