Potvrdite svoju lokaciju

Potvrdite svoju lokaciju ili odaberite s popisa zemalja kako biste stupili u kontakt s poduzećem Ottobock na lokalnom tržištu. Pobrinut ćemo se za to da ubuduće budete proslijeđeni na stranicu koju ste odabrali kako biste uvijek bili na pravom mjestu.


We specify appropriate maintenance intervals for many of our products in order to minimise complaints and help you organise your maintenance plan independently. This enables users to extract the full benefits from their product throughout its entire expected lifetime.
During maintenance, all product features and functions are tested thoroughly in incoming and outgoing inspections. Wear and tear parts are replaced along with parts that have reached the end of their expected lifetime, and software and technical updates are carried out where necessary. Maintenance also includes cleaning. If, during the course of maintenance, our experts conclude that a repair is also necessary, we provide a cost estimate. Provided this is accepted, the repair can be completed in the course of maintenance.
If the user has purchased a warranty package, the provisions they need to comply with include observing the maintenance intervals as specified in order to ensure the warranty remains valid in full. The service pass and the instructions for use for the respective product provide information on maintenance intervals and the warranty.
You will generally receive a reminder from us some time before the maintenance is due. When you receive this reminder, please contact Ottobock’s Customer Service to arrange all the subsequent steps.


During a repair, the product is subjected to a thorough analysis which includes inspecting the functionality, and is also cleaned. Defective parts are assessed and either replaced or repaired, in line with Ottobock’s service directives. We then ascertain whether the work is covered by the warranty. If this is the case, our service technicians complete the repair. If the complaint in question is not covered by the warranty or by statutory rights, we first provide a cost estimate for the proposed repair. Depending on the decision made by the owner or paying party, we then repair the product or return it to you as is.