Potvrdite svoju lokaciju

Potvrdite svoju lokaciju ili odaberite s popisa zemalja kako biste stupili u kontakt s poduzećem Ottobock na lokalnom tržištu. Pobrinut ćemo se za to da ubuduće budete proslijeđeni na stranicu koju ste odabrali kako biste uvijek bili na pravom mjestu.

Ottobock offers loaner units and trial units for many products and has access to a globally available pool of some 24,000 units for this purpose.

Please contact Ottobock customer service if you need a loaner unit. As soon as it arrives, you can arrange an appointment with the user and then carry out the corresponding fitting. Please see the description in the download area for detailed information about the process.

Want to test one of our products?

For your convenience, we have a pool of trial units which will allow you to perform trial fittings quickly and easily. We provide you with the required product for a low rental fee. By using this service, you can introduce your customers to new developments and alternative products.
Please feel free to contact our customer service if you have questions or would like more information.