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We vieren het 25-jarig bestaan van de C-Leg microprocessor knie
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De kracht van empowerment

You will never walk alone

Als 's werelds eerste microprocessorknie zorgde de C-Leg voor een revolutie. Een kwart eeuw en meer dan 100.000 passingen later, is het nog steeds de meest populaire prothese in zijn soort. Zie hoe de C-Leg gebruikers vooruit helpt met tientallen jaren innovatie in elke stap.


Echte gebruikers, legendarisch leven

Niemand kent de C-Leg beter dan degenen die hem elke dag dragen. Bekijk de laatste sociale berichten van gebruikers over de hele wereld.

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Wil je een C-leg uitproberen? Doe hieronder je aanvraag:

sinds 1997

C-Leg – Het toonaangevende microprocessorgestuurde kniegewricht

Sinds 1997 heeft één microprocessorknie technologie de standaard gezet voor elke andere beschikbare optie. Het is die ene gepatenteerde technologie die mensen de bewezen prestaties biedt die ze nodig hebben om het gezonde, actieve leven te leiden dat ze willen. C-Leg past zich aan uw unieke looppatroon en loopsnelheid aan, zodat u zich kunt concentreren waar het belangrijk is - niet op uw volgende stap, maar op waar u wilt dat die stap u brengt.

C-Leg succesverhalen

Ontdek waarom meer mensen voor de C-Leg kiezen dan voor om het even welke andere microprocessor knie.

Brandon, Entrepreneur and Fashion Designer, USA
"The C-Leg has improved my life tremendously."

After losing his leg in a motorcycle accident, Brandon recovered from the traumatic experience with the support of his family, friends, and fraternity brothers. He went on to found The Mind Clothing, a fashion brand that harnesses his unwaveringly positive spirit.

Amy, Athlete, USA
"C-Leg enabled me to pursue an athletic career."

Born with a limb difference Amy shied away from sports while growing up. But after college that changed. Having the C-Leg helped her to be the best athlete possible. Now she is a competitive adaptive athlete and got recently fitted with a Genium X3.

Dima, Interior Design Student, UK
"I describe myself as strong willed."

After losing her leg in a bombing that struck her home in Syria, Dima began her journey to recovery on crutches. She’s come a long way since then, and now enjoys a healthy active lifestyle with her C-Leg 4.

Billy, leads Steps of Faith Foundation, USA
"With C-Leg, I live a full, active life."

Born with a limb difference Amy shied away from sports while growing up. But after college that changed. HavinAfter losing her leg in a bombing that struck her home in Syria, DiAfter losing his leg to cancer, Billy devoted his life to leading the Steps of Faith Foundation, which helps people without insurance get the prosthesis they need. With his C-Leg, Billy is as active as ever, playing drums and hanging out with his two kids, all while serving the greater amputee community.

Rebecca, Motivator and Model, UK
"I want to do something positive with my life."

As a kid, Rebecca tried to hide her limb difference. But as her awareness of other people like her grew, she realized it was ok to embrace being different. She’s always looking to challenge herself and inspire others as she participates in a variety of activities with her C-Leg.

Rebecca, Fashion Student, AT
"I’m still me – just with a special accessory."

Rebecca loves to express creativity in every facet of her life. With the new custom shield insert for the new C-Leg guard and protective cover, Rebecca’s unique style and personality shine through with each step she takes.

Georg, Personal Trainer, AT
"I felt more restricted before the amputation than now."

Georg maintains an unwavering positive attitude toward life. In fact, he believes his amputation has created new possibilities for him, such as realizing his childhood dream of skiing, discovering a passion for the javelin, and becoming a para-athlete. The new C-Leg supports him during sports, daily routines, and everything in between.

Royal, Estate Agent, USA With C-Leg
"I started a new chapter in my life."

Born with a shorter leg, Royal got amputated at 9 years old. She started to use C-Leg a few years ago and feels that she walks now with more ease.

Proven performance

It’s the world’s most studied prosthetic device. Full stop.


C-Leg launched as complete microprocessor controlled knee joint (MPK).

100.000 fittings

have now helped more users regain mobility than any other MPK.

up to 90%

of C-Leg users prefer the C-Leg to their previous prosthesis.*

77 scientific publications

support the benefits C-Leg users enjoy every day.

4 updates

later, the new C-Leg reflects ongoing innovation & user input.

63 countries

around the world have received delivery of the C-Leg.

Innovation for everyday life

The celebration continues with the new C-Leg 4

The crowning achievement of these 25 years, the C-Leg 4 update provides new features for even more reliability, next-level personalization, and a better user experience:

  • A darker color option — Midnight Shadow

  • Customizable shield insert to reflect users’ individual style

  • Deep sleep mode to conserve battery

  • Redesigned charger for one-handed use

  • Support for sitting down plus more comfort once seated

  • Assisted descent on ramps and stairs

  • Improved stance release for smooth, reliable movement

  • Helpful training function to optimize use

  • More customized options via MyMode Plus

Press kit

Press Kit 25 Years of C-Leg

Looking for press releases, photos, videos, and more to use in your publication? We’ve got you covered!

*Kannenberg, A., Zacharias, B., & Pröbsting, E. (2014). Benefits of microprocessor-controlled prosthetic knees to limited community ambulators: systematic review. Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development, 51(10), 1469-96.