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Anna in her Zenit CLT Manual Wheelchair using weights in the gym.
Anna in her Zenit CLT Manual Wheelchair using weights in the gym.
Anna in her Zenit CLT Manual Wheelchair using weights in the gym.
Adult Manual Wheelchairs

Zenit: Delightfully Lightweight


Aesthetic design and easy handling.

Are you searching for a high-end wheelchair for active use? If so, the Zenit super lightweight manual wheelchair range is exactly the right choice. All models in this wheelchair line combine a minimalist design with high driving stability, transforming all energy directly into motion.

The Zenit model offers the flexibility of a folding wheelchair while also featuring the look and driving characteristics of a rigid frame wheelchair thanks to the patented Easy-Go folding system. With its rigid axle and components optimised for weight, the Zenit R rigid frame wheelchair offers even more stability. For those looking for even more, both models are available in the CLT version with permanently welded components. Maximum stability with maximum efficiency.


Benefits at a glance.


Folding Back Support

A release mechanism integrated into the back support upholstery makes it possible to fold down the back support with just one hand. Since the back support is also firmly locked in this position, the wheelchair is easy to handle at all times when loading it in a vehicle.


Product Range.

Zenit Carbon

Made with Carbon Fibre making it super lightweight with a sleek stylish finish.

The Zenit is a folding wheelchair for active use, but it features the look and driving characteristics of a rigid frame wheelchair. Thanks to the patented Easy-Go folding system, it can be unfolded easily. The folding mechanism and the folding back support constitute an unbeatable combination for obtaining a small transportation size.

User Experiences

Real-Life Stories.

Always focusing on design

The “completely normal craziness” of the architect’s office, his work as an expert appraiser and seminar activities is what drives Frank, an architect, to put in his best performance every day. He has been using a wheelchair since a traffic accident. When planning the designs for an accessible building project, he incorporates his own experiences in the process. “Even if we in Germany are still far behind other countries, the issue of accessibility is becoming increasingly important in our country’s public sector – and that’s how it should be.” His Zenit wheelchair for active use is always along for the ride, which Frank says “works best when you notice it least.” The handy folding mechanism provides him with maximum flexibility in his hectic daily life – while driving, maneuvering or loading.