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1C50 - Foot prosthetics


Ready for everyday life.

The Taleo feels more natural and comfortable. The prosthetic foot features a smooth rollover, and its efficient energy return supports a dynamic gait. In doing so, it adapts flexibly to the individual way you walk and various surfaces and inclines. The Taleo is resistant to fresh, salt and chlorinated water. Additional water runoff channels on the adapter and openings in the sole of the foot prevent water from collecting in your prosthesis and interfering with your activities.

Product typeEnhanced composite design feet
Mobility grade3, 4
Max. body weight150 kg
All specifications
Benefits at a glance

Taleo – less effort, more endurance

Martin goes up a hill
Freely navigate uneven terrain with comfort

The Taleo prosthetic foot adapts to varying terrain conditions. You can move freely and comfortably on uneven or sloping terrain – whether you’re at home or out on grassy areas, forest paths or rocky terrain!

Martin by the lake
Salt water isn’t off limits

Salt and fresh water alike are no problem for the Taleo. Plus, water runoff contours on the adapter and openings in the footshell let the water drain away – so you can relax and enjoy your hobbies.

Martin in front of the house
Energy-efficient walking for less fatigue at the end of the day

Spending the entire day on your feet is no problem. The Taleo provides you with the right energy return for every step. You have more energy to cover even longer distances or walk at varying speeds.

Martin in the garden
Smooth rollover for easy walking

The Taleo’s seamless rollover from heel strike to toe-off allows easy and comfortable walking without dead spots. It lets you move smoothly when spontaneously changing speed and direction.

Martin standing in the kitchen
On the go with sandals and a natural look

The Taleo has an abducted big toe, so you can easily wear thong sandals on warm days or at the swimming pool. The slim foot makes it easy for your O&P professional to provide you with cosmetic treatment – for a natural look.

Martin walks with bare feet
Walking comfortably with bare feet

Do you prefer to take your shoes off when you’re at home? The Taleo carbon foot makes it comfortable for you to walk barefoot for short periods indoors.

User Experience

Every step is safe


The Taleo prosthetic foot provides Martin with a smooth rollover, energy-efficient and effortless walking, and the freedom to go anywhere. Join Martin on his fishing trip, plus a barbecue that brings his long day to a close. 


Product information

Product typeEnhanced composite design feet
Mobility grade3, 4
Max. body weight150 kg
Amputation levelTransfemoral amputation, Hip disarticulation, Transtibial amputation

Product Data

Mobility grade3, 4
Max. body weight150 kg
Sideleft (L), right (R)
Size22-30 cm
Weight (without footshell)461 g*
Footshell shapeSlim shape (S) for a heel height of 15 +/- 5 mm (22-25 cm)
Normal shape (N) for a heel height of 10 +/- 5 mm (24-30 cm)
Footshell colourbeige 4, light brown 15
Weight with normal footshell690 g*
System height with normal footshell132 mm*
Build height with normal footshell150 mm*



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Do you have a busy day-to-day life that keeps you constantly on the go? The Taleo Vertical Shock moves and turns right along with your daily routine, noticeably relieves your residual limb and boosts your comfort. It supports the natural way your leg rotates as it moves, decreasing shearing and strain on your residual limb due to torsion and reducing skin irritation. The Taleo Vertical Shock also cushions the impacts you feel when setting down your foot or in situations such as going up and down stairs.

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