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50K4-3 - Leg & knee orthotics

Agilium Freestep 3.0

Less knee pain. More life.

We developed the Agilium Freestep 3.0 for the treatment of unicompartmental osteoarthritis of the knee. It is not applied to the knee, but to the foot and lower leg. The Agilium Freestep 3.0 specifically relieves the affected cartilage in the knee joint by shifting the load line in the knee. The load line describes the point where the body weight primarily impacts the cartilage.

Terms and conditionsArthrosis
User groupadults
ApplicationsBracing & Support/ (OTS)
All specifications
Benefits at a glance

Agilium Freestep 3.0 – easy movement with a slim design

Dynamic load distribution in the knee

When standing, walking and running, the Agilium Freestep 3.0 relieves the affected part of the knee and is therefore just as effective as a closed patella knee brace, despite being fitted on the foot.

Easy to wear in a shoe

The Agilium Freestep 3.0 is comfortable to wear because it does not constrict the knee and does not restrict you during sitting.

Support in many situations

The Agilium Freestep 3.0 supports you in everyday situations as well as during sporting activities.

No slipping

The Agilium Freestep 3.0 is worn in your shoe. This means it cannot slip out of place.

Discreet under clothing

The Agilium Freestep 3.0 has a slim design. You can wear it discretely under your clothing.

Easy to use

You put on the Agilium Freestep 3.0 like a shoe – quick and easy.

User Experience

Go with it

Silvia with her Agilium Freestep 3.0 ankle-foot brace

With the Agilium Freestep 3.0, Silvia can spend carefree time with her grandchildren again and enjoy her life.

An active life with osteoarthritis of the knee: Christoph

Christoph has osteoarthritis of the knee. “The Agilium Freestep 3.0 lets me do many things I couldn’t have done before. I can’t imagine a day without the brace.”


Therapy support for osteoarthritis of the knee

When a joint hurts ...

... then this is often due to arthrosis, a degenerative joint condition that often occurs in the knee and can cause severe pain. Read on to find out more about what arthrosis actually is and what you can do to counteract the pain.


Product information

Terms and conditionsArthrosis
User groupadults
ApplicationsBracing & Support/ (OTS)
Functional principlesother
MaterialSteel, Plastic, Textile
Product typeKnee OA

Product Data

Article numberSizeSideOuter joint heightOrthosis version
50K4=3-L-L Lleft (L)83–92 mmLateral orthosis
50K4=3-L-L-LGLleft (L)83–92 mmMedial orthosis
50K4=3-L-MMleft (L)73–82 mmLateral orthosis
50K4=3-L-M-LGMleft (L)73–82 mmMedial orthosis
50K4=3-L-SSleft (L)63–72 mmLateral orthosis
50K4=3-L-S-LGSleft (L)63–72 mmMedial orthosis
50K4=3-L-XLXLleft (L)93–103 mmLateral orthosis
50K4=3-L-XL-LGXLleft (L)93–103 mmMedial orthosis
50K4=3-L-XSXSleft (L)53–62 mmLateral orthosis
50K4=3-L-XS-LGXSleft (L)53–62 mmMedial orthosis
50K4=3-R-LLright (R)83–92 mmLateral orthosis
50K4=3-R-L-LGLright (R)83–92 mmMedial orthosis
50K4=3-R-MMright (R)73–82 mmLateral orthosis
50K4=3-R-M-LGMright (R)73–82 mmMedial orthosis
50K4=3-R-SSright (R)63–72 mmLateral orthosis
50K4=3-R-S-LGSright (R)63–72 mmMedial orthosis
50K4=3-R-XLXLright (R)93–103 mmLateral orthosis
50K4=3-R-XL-LGXLright (R)93–103 mmMedial orthosis
50K4=3-R-XSXSright (R)53–62 mmLateral orthosis
50K4=3-R-XS-LGXSright (R)53–62 mmMedial orthosis



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The Agilium Softfit knee orthosis not only supports your typical everyday and recreational activities, but can also be used for sports after consulting your orthotist. Plus, it’s inconspicuous when worn under clothing. The material of this knee orthosis is breathable, and a special technology also prevents it from slipping out of place during use.

It’s also suitable as a second orthosis – various Agilium orthoses are available to support you during different activities. For example, if you prefer the Agilium Softfit for sports, you can also wear the Agilium Freestep 3.0 for everyday activities. Your orthotist will be happy to advise you on how they work and when they can be used.