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6Y512 - Prosthetic liners

Uneo 3D

Gentle cushioning effect, anatomical shape for improved comfort
An intelligent fit for maximum comfort: the Uneo 3D is precisely adapted to the anatomy of the residual limb. Sensitive areas such as the edge of the shin and head of the fibula are protected by thicker walls. Meanwhile, thinner walls at the rear improve knee mobility.The 6Y512 Uneo (TT) can be combined with the valve or the Harmony system.
Product typeCushion
Amputation levelTranstibial amputation
All specifications

Product information

Product typeCushion
Amputation levelTranstibial amputation
User groupwomen, men, adults, elderly
Distal connectionwithout

Product Data

Article numberSizeResidual limb length below the MPTSkinguardTextile coverColor
6Y512=250X75-G250 mm (255-275 mm)75 mm (50-100 mm)withwithoutTransparent
6Y512=210X125-G210 mm (215-235 mm)125 mm (100-150 mm)withwithoutTransparent
6Y512=235X125-G235 mm (240-265 mm)125 mm (100-150 mm)withwithoutTransparent
6Y512=265X125-G265 mm (260-280 mm)125 mm (100-150 mm)withwithoutTransparent
6Y512=280X125-G280 mm (285-310 mm)125 mm (100-150 mm)withwithoutTransparent
6Y512=300X125-G300 mm (310-335 mm)125 mm (100-150 mm)withwithoutTransparent
6Y512=210X175-G210 mm (215-235 mm)175 mm (150-200 mm)withwithoutTransparent
6Y512=235X175-G235 mm (240-265 mm)175 mm (150-200 mm)withwithoutTransparent
6Y512=265X175-G265 mm (260-280 mm)175 mm (150-200 mm)withwithoutTransparent
6Y512=280X175-G280 mm (285-310 mm)175 mm (150-200 mm)withwithoutTransparent
6Y512=300X175-G300 mm (310-335 mm)175 mm (150-200 mm)withwithoutTransparent
6Y512=250X75-F-G250 mm (255-275 mm)75 mm (50-100 mm)withwithAnthracite
6Y512=210X125-F-G210 mm (215-235 mm)125 mm (100-150 mm)withwithAnthracite
6Y512=235X125-F-G235 mm (240-265 mm)125 mm (100-150 mm)withwithAnthracite
6Y512=265X125-F-G265 mm (260-280 mm)125 mm (100-150 mm)withwithAnthracite
6Y512=280X125-F-G280 mm (285-310 mm)125 mm (100-150 mm)withwithAnthracite
6Y512=300X125-F-G300 mm (310-335 mm)125 mm (100-150 mm)withwithAnthracite
6Y512=210X175-F-G210 mm (215-235 mm)175 mm (150-200 mm)withwithAnthracite
6Y512=235X175-F-G235 mm (240-265 mm)175 mm (150-200 mm)withwithAnthracite
6Y512=265X175-F-G265 mm (260-280 mm)175 mm (150-200 mm)withwithAnthracite
6Y512=280X175-F-G280 mm (285-310 mm)175 mm (150-200 mm)withwithAnthracite
6Y512=300X175-F-G300 mm (310-335 mm)175 mm (150-200 mm)withwithAnthracite
6Y512=250X75250 mm (255-275 mm)75 mm (50-100 mm)withoutwithoutTransparent
6Y512=210X125210 mm (215-235 mm)125 mm (100-150 mm)withoutwithoutTransparent
6Y512=235X125235 mm (240-265 mm)125 mm (100-150 mm)withoutwithoutTransparent
6Y512=265X125265 mm (260-280 mm)125 mm (100-150 mm)withoutwithoutTransparent
6Y512=280X125280 mm (285-310 mm)125 mm (100-150 mm)withoutwithoutTransparent
6Y512=300X125300 mm (310-335 mm)125 mm (100-150 mm)withoutwithoutTransparent
6Y512=210X175210 mm (215-235 mm)175 mm (150-200 mm)withoutwithoutTransparent
6Y512=235X175235 mm (240-265 mm)175 mm (150-200 mm)withoutwithoutTransparent
6Y512=265X175265 mm (260-280 mm)175 mm (150-200 mm)withoutwithoutTransparent
6Y512=280X175280 mm (285-310 mm)175 mm (150-200 mm)withoutwithoutTransparent
6Y512=300X175300 mm (310-335 mm)175 mm (150-200 mm)withoutwithoutTransparent
6Y512=250X75-F250 mm (255-275 mm)75 mm (50-100 mm)withoutwithAnthracite
6Y512=210X125-F210 mm (215-235 mm)125 mm (100-150 mm)withoutwithAnthracite
6Y512=235X125-F235 mm (240-265 mm)125 mm (100-150 mm)withoutwithAnthracite
6Y512=265X125-F265 mm (260-280 mm)125 mm (100-150 mm)withoutwithAnthracite
6Y512=280X125-F280 mm (285-310 mm)125 mm (100-150 mm)withoutwithAnthracite
6Y512=300X125-F300 mm (310-335 mm)125 mm (100-150 mm)withoutwithAnthracite
6Y512=210X175-F210 mm (215-235 mm)175 mm (150-200 mm)withoutwithAnthracite
6Y512=235X175-F235 mm (240-265 mm)175 mm (150-200 mm)withoutwithAnthracite
6Y512=265X175-F265 mm (260-280 mm)175 mm (150-200 mm)withoutwithAnthracite
6Y512=280X175-F280 mm (285-310 mm)175 mm (150-200 mm)withoutwithAnthracite
6Y512=300X175-F300 mm (310-335 mm)175 mm (150-200 mm)withoutwithAnthracite
Amputation levelTranstibial amputation

Without distal connection

Distal cushion15 mm
Wall thickness9 mm build-ups at the tibial crest and fibular head, from 6 mm distally, tapering to 3 mm proximally
Exterior coatingwithout
Socket designTotal surface weight-bearing socket