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Rigid frame wheelchairs for kids

kidevo family.

SCS22022 OTTOBOCK V4K Nomine 29A5855
SCS22022 OTTOBOCK V4K Nomine 29A5855
SCS22022 OTTOBOCK V4K Nomine 29A5855

Take off for tomorrow.

There’s a brilliant future waiting for every child, full of movement, excitement and discovery. A kidevo wheelchair keeps them moving toward that future every single day.

Every product in the kidevo family of wheelchairs is individually crafted for the child who will grow and thrive in it. Featuring easy handling and a wide range of adjustment options, kidevo wheelchairs are fully adjustable as your child grows, and are designed to continually adapt to your child’s changing mobility needs. With custom made seating and back supports, each design delivers the exact support your child needs to achieve effortless mobility and true independence.

Available in a range of eye-catching colours, and with lots of creative customisation options, kidevo wheelchairs are the perfect choice for kids who are discovering their personal style.

For Nomine, her wheelchair is like her shoes. It takes her wherever she wants and enables her to do as much as possible.

Nomine's Mum
Nomine sitting in her purple kidevo wheelchair outdoors with her parents around a table eating ice cream.

Wheelchairs custom made for every kid.

Nomine self-propelling her kidevo wheelchair alongside her mum.

Active and Independent Mobility

The wheelchairs in the kidevo Family promote active and independent mobility of your child. This includes practical transfer handles to help when transferring your child from their wheelchair to a car, bed, or lounge chair and steering aids, that ensure full control when steering with only one hand making driving and manoeuvring easier.

Always on the go!

Nomine is an eight-year-old, active and joyful young girl who loves adventure, time with her family and friends as well as dancing and singing in her kidevo mini. Her incomplete paraplegia means that she needs a wheelchair for everyday life, but she doesn’t let that slow her down. “I’m as fast as lighting” she laughs. Her kidevo mini is purple, her favourite colour and she’s added a colourful spoke protector to match!

Nomine sitting in her purple kidevo mini looking into the camera
Nomine sitting in her purple kidevo mini looking into the camera

Discover the kidevo Family.

kidevo mini

The kidevo mini is the perfect wheelchair for early childhood as it features a seat width and depth from 16 cm. Each wheelchair is tailor-made for the child and grows with them in width, depth, and height. Optimal driving behaviour can be achieved by adjusting the centre of gravity.

kidevo mini children's wheelchair
kidevo mini children's wheelchair

Which kidevo wheelchair is right for my child?

kidevo family Model Selector

Personalised support that grows with your child.

Brakes detail for Kiddo wheelchair

Easy to use brakes

All kidevo wheelchairs can be chosen with a different combination of friendly to use brakes, for example a drum brake.

I always need action in my life.

Nomine sitting in her kidevo wheelchair with her arms outstretched (as if she was flying) and her parents form a heart with their hands in the background.
Technical Info

Technical Information

kidevo kids wheelchairs technical information table
kidevo adapt

kidevo adapt Custom Seating Base for Seating Shells.

The kidevo Family also includes the adapt mobility base which is suitably named, because that is exactly what it does, adapt to your child's needs. Designed to accommodate custom seating shells, the mobility base is available in three different sizes (the seat width can also be increased by up to 10 cm) and is fully adjustable as your child grows.

As with all wheelchairs in the kidevo Family, the adapt helps promote active and independent mobility. It is easily driveable and manoeuvrable for children who self-propel while push bars are available for attendant driving when needed. The functional seat tilt from -10° to 50°, helps to facilitate different positions, by shifting weight it reduces the risk of injury.

The adapt features numerous adjustment options helping to make the wheelbase fully adaptable to your child's needs. The adjustable centre of gravity for optimal rolling characteristics, optional drum brake, anti-tipper and angle-adjustable arm supports all help make the adapt mobility base a perfect partner for your child. In addition a practical storage container makes it easy to transport smaller items.

kidevo adapt seating base

An ideal companion in everyday life.

Adapt Features - Sizes Image Component

Available in three sizes

The adapt is available in three sizes and the seat width is further adjustable up to 10 cm without any additional parts.

Technical Info

adapt Technical Information

kidevo adapt Wheelbase - Technical Info