Lower Limb Prosthetics Solutions


Genium X3

Walk intuitively even in dusty environments, go swimming and running: This high-tech device enhances your safety, confidence and health. Discover the Genium X3 leg prosthesis.

microprocessor controlled knee Genium


Move freely and independently in your everyday life when you need to manage work, family and recreational activities as effectively as possible.


C-Leg 4

No other microprocessor knee joint in the world is worn by as many people as the C-Leg. It set new standards at its launch in 1996, and studies have continued to prove its reliability as the most popular microprocessor knee since then. Today, it is available via NHS Funding and its new features make it the best C-Leg of all time.



The Kenevo is a mechatronic knee prosthetic knee joint for users with limited mobility and for rehabilitation.


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